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After and starting
After dialysis the sample was centrifuged and the supernatant placed on a Af cm column of EEAE-cellulose equilibrated with starting buffer.
After starting his writing career by writing for " true confession " style pulp magazines like True Story, van Vogt decided to switch to writing something he enjoyed, science fiction.
After leaving school at 17, Ayckbourn's career took several temporary jobs in various places before starting a temporary job at the Scarborough Library Theatre, where he was introduced to the artistic director, Stephen Joseph.
After the tumultuous and disappointing 2007 season, the Falcons made a number of moves, hiring a new General Manager and head coach, drafting a new starting quarterback, and signing a starting running back.
After rallying his troops near Schwennenbach well beyond their starting point Eugene prepared to launch a second attack, led by the second-line squadrons under the Duke of Württemberg-Teck.
After starting the 1954 campaign with a two-game split against the Tigers in Detroit, the Orioles returned to Baltimore on April 15 to a welcoming parade that wound through the streets of downtown, with an estimated 350, 000 spectators lining the route.
After the victory Boston's owner sold its star pitcher, Babe Ruth, to the New York Yankees to help funding of a Broadway play, and thus starting a tale of futility which would last 86 years, known as Curse of the Bambino.
After defeating, but not subjugating, the Kingdom of Scotland, he declared himself rightful heir to the French throne in 1338, starting what would be known as the Hundred Years ' War.
After passing his examinations in 1752, he soon progressed through the merchant navy ranks, starting with his promotion in that year to mate aboard the collier brig Friendship.
After various Korean border conflicts, war broke out with U. S .- allied South Korea in 1950, starting the Korean War.
After cutting out the hatchlings may lie in their eggshells for hours before starting to dig out of the nest.
After being sent on a lengthy tour of Europe starting 1927 including London, Paris and towns in Germany during which he demonstrated his invention to full audiences, Theremin found his way to the United States, arriving on 30 December 1927 with his first wife Katia.
After the 1997 death of Scott Krueger, a new member at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, MIT required all freshmen to live in the dormitory system starting in 2002.
After starting a collaboration on heart applications with Robert Weiss at Johns Hopkins, Bottomley returned to the university in 1994, as Russell Morgan Professor and Director of the MR Research Division.
After the introduction of the motel, auto camps continued in popularity through the Depression years and after World War II, their popularity finally starting to diminish with the construction of freeways and changes in consumer demands.
After starting 3 7 in 1994, the Giants won their final six games to finish 9 7 but missed the playoffs.
After starting 5 0 in the 2009 season, New York lost to the likewise undefeated New Orleans Saints at the Superdome 48 27, beginning a four game losing streak, in which they lost to the Arizona Cardinals 24 17, the San Diego Chargers 21 20 and the Philadelphia Eagles 40 17.
After La Russa retired as manager of the Cardinals in 2011, Smith became active in the organization again, starting with his stint as a special instructor for the team's 2012 spring training camp.
After everyone has made their decision, the replacement cards are dealt starting at the dealer's left as usual.
After reaggravating a hamstring injury during Game 3 of the 2007 ALDS, Joe Torre removed Roger Clemens from the team's starting rotation.
After starting the engine with a known setting that allowed it to idle, the air valve was opened until maximum engine speed was obtained.
After a while, Prokofiev's mother felt that the isolation in Sontsovka was restricting his further musical development, yet his parents hesitated over starting their son on a musical career at such an early age.
After the Welsh victory at the battle of Llwchwr in January 1136 and the successful ambush of Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare in April, south Wales rose in rebellion, starting in east Glamorgan and rapidly spreading across the rest of south Wales during 1137.

After and season
-- After 52 rainless days, moisture finally came to Del Mar, resulting in but one workout during the week for most of the horses, and leaving us with less than half our total average rainfall during the season.
After beginning the season at 1 3, head coach Dan Reeves and quarterback Michael Vick led the Falcons to an NFL-best eight-game unbeaten streak ( 7 0 1 ).
After finishing the season 7 9, however, coach Jim Mora was dismissed and Bobby Petrino, the University of Louisville's football coach, replaced him.
After the season Defense Coordinator, Brian VanGorder accepted a coaching job at Auburn University.
After winning the opening game of the season on March 31 on the road against the Cincinnati Reds, the Diamondbacks found themselves with the best record in Major League Baseball, 20 8, by the start of May.
After the settlement of the Israelites in Canaan, the Ark remained in the Tabernacle at Gilgal for a season before being removed to Shiloh until the time of Eli, between 300 and 400 years ( Jeremiah 7: 12 ), when it was carried into the field of battle, so as to secure, as they had hoped, victory to the Hebrews.
After a few years in the 2nd highest division, they won the qualifying tournament for the 2012-13 season.
After a poor season for Federko in 1988 89, he was traded to the Detroit Red Wings with Tony McKegney for future Blues star Adam Oates, and Paul MacLean.
After his lowest point output since his rookie season, Federko decided to retire after the 1989 90 season, having played exactly 1, 000 NHL games.
After a mediocre 1967 season, Hank Bauer would be replaced by Earl Weaver halfway into 1968.
After the season ended, the Orioles showcased altered uniforms, with a circular ' Maryland ' patch added to the left-hand sleeve of all jerseys and the grey road jerseys displaying Baltimore across the chest for the first time since 1972.
After a six-year search for a new commissioner, the owners voted to give Selig the title on a permanent basis midway through the 1998 season.
After premiering on September 30, 1982, it was nearly canceled during its first season when it ranked last in ratings for its premiere ( 74th out of 77 shows ).
After the season, when Comiskey's contract with the Reds was up, he decided to take his chances at ownership.
After Parilli was hurt, relative unknown Tommy O ' Connell took up the position for the remainder of the season.
After the Panthers ' success in 1996, Capers led the Panthers through two disappointing seasons: a 7 9 season in 1997, and a 4 12 season in 1998 which resulted in Capers being fired after four seasons with the team.
After Dom Capers was let go following the previous season, George Seifert was hired as the second head coach in Panthers history.
After Seifert was fired following the disastrous 2001 season, the Panthers hired New York Giants defensive coordinator John Fox as the team's third head coach.
After finishing the 2006 and 2007 seasons with records of 8 8 and 7 9, respectively, the Panthers rebounded in the 2008 season, finishing the season with a 12 4 record, claiming the NFC South title and a first round bye in the playoffs.
After a disappointing 2010 season, John Fox's contract was not renewed and most of his coaching staff were let go.
After being released by the Panthers, the Saints acquired " Original Panther " John Kasay, who had an excellent 2011 season in New Orleans.

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