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All and state
All framing in Hotei is one-inch mahogany which, in the dressed state you buy it, is about the 13/16-inch thickness specified in the drawings.
All state routes are routinely maintained by Croatian road authorities.
All state schools have a statutory requirement to teach the subject, assess pupil attainment and report student's progress in citizenship to parents.
Ilya Prigogine summarized the concept of affinity, saying, " All chemical reactions drive the system to a state of equilibrium in which the affinities of the reactions vanish.
All other forms of intrastate conflict, such as rebellion, are not accounted for because, in theoretical terms, Clausewitz could not account for warfare before the state ( However, near the end of his life, Clausewitz grew increasingly aware of the importance of non-state military actors.
The word maritime is an adjective that simply means " of the sea ", thus any land associated with the sea can be considered a maritime state or province ( e. g. All the provinces of Canada except Alberta and Saskatchewan border water ).
All citizens were eligible to speak and vote in the assembly, which set the laws of the city state.
All the members of the group readily portray their oxidation state of + 5 and the state becomes more stable as the group is descended.
:" All nature, from the smallest thing to the biggest, from a grain of sand to the sun, from the protista to man, is in a constant state of coming into being and going out of being, in a constant flux, in a ceaseless state of movement and change.
All gun locks under this code must receive extensive tests including saw, pick, pull, and many other tests in order to be approved for the state of California.
All firearms in Brazil are required to be registered with the state.
All of these bind to iron in heme without changing its oxidation state, but they nevertheless inhibit oxygen-binding, causing grave toxicity.
All four of them live in the fictional city of Duckburg, in the fictional state of Calisota.
All inertial frames are in a state of constant, rectilinear motion with respect to one another ; they are not accelerating in the sense that an accelerometer at rest in one would detect zero acceleration.
All of them have individual voting rights, and all votes are equal, regardless of the population of the delegate's member state.
( All of these churches still exist, but none is in the architectural state of Calvin's days.
All Australian states allow for peremptory challenges in jury selection, however, the number of challenges granted to the counsels in each state are not all the same.
The interdiction of aggressive war was confirmed and broadened by the United Nations Charter, which provides in article 2, paragraph 4, that " All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.
All these tribes are indigenous of the princely state and many Hindus also belong to these tribes.
All other languages are considered foreign by the law on state languages.
All seventy Senate members sit for three-year terms ( to a maximum of two terms ); twenty-six are elected by the thirteen state assemblies, and forty-four are appointed by the king based on the advice of the Prime Minister.
All elections are direct ; that is, no electoral college is constituted for any of the elections at the federal, state or municipal level.
All U. S. commercial facilities are currently sited in waters under state or territorial jurisdiction.

All and governments
All governments and most companies have similar structures.
" All this compares very favourably against incompetent, inefficient, or neglectful governments whose commitment to social justice is limited to rhetoric.
All Afghan governments of the past century have declared, with varying intensity, a long-term goal of re-uniting all Pashtun-dominated areas under Afghan rule.
All postwar Japanese governments have relied on a close relationship with the United States as the foundation of their foreign policy and have depended on the mutual security treaty for strategic protection.
All four governments have made submissions to the commission set up under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
All along the 1990s, several environmental NGOs helped improve environmental awareness among public opinion and governments.
All governments were required to maintain civil order and justice, but none had a warrant to promote any religion.
All new laws are passed and all new governments are therefore formed de jure by the King, although not de facto.
All remaining governments have recognized one or the other, recognizing that government as the sole legitimate government of all China.
All organizations can innovate, including for example hospitals, universities, and local governments.
All other cities in New York are independent of town governments.
All that World on Fire proves in the end is that governments cannot be depended upon to prevent violence against people who have been, for whatever reason, demonized by others.
" All governments, however limited they may be otherwise, commit at least these two fundamental crimes against liberty and property.
All Socred governments attempted to curb the power of trade unions and also limited social welfare spending.
* All those conventions were replaced by a comprehensive treaty of alliance between the governments of Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, signed in Strbské Pleso on June 27, 1930 and entered into effect " immediately ", in the phrasing of article 6.
All communications by the administration with other governments and legal persons, between departments and internally inside departments, are conducted in the official language.
Party strategists take the timing of important rugby union matches into account, partly because a major match in the same weekend of the election will likely lower voting-levels, and partly because of a widespread belief that incumbent governments benefit from a surge of national pride when the All Blacks ( the New Zealand national rugby team ) win and suffer when they lose.
All governments in the U. S. are allowed to apply for delegations in < tt > gov </ tt >, such as atlantaga. gov for the city of Atlanta, loudoun. gov for the county of Loudoun, Virginia and georgia. gov for the U. S. state of Georgia.
" (" Akayev: ' All of a Sudden I Become President '", Christian Science Monitor, 10 January 1991 ) He actively promoted the privatization of land and other economic assets and operated a relatively liberal regime compared with the governments of the other Central Asian nations.
All the participating governments at Bretton Woods agreed that the monetary chaos of the interwar period had yielded several valuable lessons.
All Peronist entities were banned from elections after 1955, when the Revolución Libertadora overthrew Perón, and civilian governments ' attempt to lift Peronism's ban from legislative and local elections in 1962 and 1965 resulted in military coups.
All three Vietnamese combatant governments: North Vietnam, the Republic of Vietnam ( South Vietnam ), and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam ( PRG ) would remain intact, as would their separate armies.
All Governors at this time were British, and most were from the upper classes and political conservatives, and Labor governments always suspected that they had an enemy in Government House.
All provincial governments also govern water quality through laws on environmental protection and drinking water, such as the Clean Water Act in Ontario.

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