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Both and Georgian
Both Georgian College and Nipissing University expanded their campuses in 2008.
Both of these buildings were constructed by Macquarie in defiance of the British government's ban on expensive public building projects in the colony and reflect the tension between Macquarie's vision of Sydney as a Georgian city and the British government's view of the colony as a dumping ground for convicts to be financed as cheaply as possible.
Both Georgian and Abkhaz forces used landmines extensively during the war of 1992-93.
Both a folk tradition and the 17th century royal poet Archil identify Rustaveli as a native of the southern Georgian region of Meskheti, where his home village Rustavi was located ( not to be confused with the modern-day city of Rustavi near Tbilisi ).
Both east and west Georgian polyphony is based on wide use of sharp dissonant harmonies ( seconds, fourths, sevenths, ninths ).
Both styles are based on similar principles, particularly the " simple mood " of singing, but in some western Georgian church-singing styles ( particularly in so-called " Shemokmedi school ") the polyphonic mastery and the use of sharp dissonances reaches its climax.
Both Colchians and Iberians played an important role in the ethnic and cultural formation of the modern Georgian nation.
Both Georgian and Islamic sources testify that, on the complaints of the Muslims of Tbilisi, Sultan Mahmud II b. Muhammad ( r. 1118-1131 ) sent an expedition into Georgia in which the Artuqid Ilghazi of Mardin, the Mazyadid Dubays II b. Sadaqa of Al Hillah and the sultan ’ s brother Tughrul, lord of Arran and Nakhichevan, with his atabeg Kun-toghdi all took part.
Both Georgian and Federal styled homes have two full stories with a half third story.
Both Matthew Arnold and Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote poems which sit somewhere in between the exultation of nature of the romantic Poetry and the Georgian Poetry of the early 20th century.

Both and law
Both Clintons received law degrees from Yale Law School, where they met and began dating.
Both Shang Yang and Han Fei promoted the absolute adherence to the rule of law, regardless of the circumstances or the person.
Both are subject to the law of domicile at marriage.
Both held that that law is the command of the sovereign backed by the threat of punishment.
Both theories are governed by the second law of thermodynamics through the medium of entropy.
Both English law, which applies in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland law are based on common-law principles.
# Both obey an inverse-square law ( both are inversely proportional to square of r ).
Both civil and criminal cases are filed in the district court, which is a court of law, equity, and admiralty.
Both languages co-existed with French, the official language of law and commerce, and continued to be spoken frequently in rural areas into the 20th century.
Both the rearrangement property and the cancellation law are still satisfied and can be utilized.
Both characters operate mostly by night, and the Green Hornet in particular operates outside the law, insinuating himself into criminal plots in order to put an end to the activities of master criminals.
Both Time and Life magazines did stories on Nanty Glo as their prime exhibit for their coverage of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's taking control of the nation's coal mines after mine workers defied a Congressional law by going on strike at the height of World War Two.
Both Amdahl's law and Gustafson's law assume that the running time of the sequential portion of the program is independent of the number of processors.
Both her father and grandfather had practised law in the Norfolk area, and her sister Audrey was married to Thomas Gawdy, a lawyer and Justice of the Court of King's Bench with links to the Earl of Arundel, something that later served Edward well.
Both versions of the law state that – with virtual certainty – the sample average
Both Nicholas and Marie felt that royalty should marry royalty, and according to Russian house law any royal that married outside of royalty was removed from the line of succession.
Both would refer to the heritage of Roman law by their titular link with the very city Rome: the Pope, Bishop of Rome, versus the Holy Roman Emperor ( even though his seat of power was north of the Alps ).
Both methods yield thrust due to Newton's third law — every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Both also derived from natural law the paramountcy of their claims over the State and positive law.
Both Raoult's law and Henry's law can be derived in a simple manner using chemical potentils.

Both and official
Both countries share the use of English and French as the two official languages as well as memberships in the Francophonie and the Commonwealth.
Both languages were later substituted in its official status by Castillian Spanish, till the 20th century.
Both Marshallese and English are official languages.
Both Methodist churches lost official church status under discriminatory legislation passed in 2011, limiting the number of recognized churches to 14.
Both at official exchange rates and at purchasing power parity ( PPP ), Seychelles remains the richest territory in Africa in terms of GDP per capita ( US $ 9, 440. 095 at real exchange rates and US $ 17, 560. 062 at PPP 2008 estimate ),
Both governments have set official targets of increasing bilateral trade by 27 % to USD 2. 3 billion by 2010 and to USD 6. 5 billion by 2015.
Both are mentioned under 22 April in the Roman Martyrology, the official list of recognized saints.
Both sexes wear an ' official ' school jersey.
" Both Jensen and Springarn were also confused " by the film ’ s Reconstruction setting, states Jim Hill Media, writing that “ It was something that also confused other reviewers who from the tone of the film and the type of similar recent Hollywood movies Jezebel ( film ) | Jezebel assumed it must also be set during the time of slavery .” Based on the Jensen and Springarn memos, White released theofficial position ” of the NAACP in a telegram that was widely quoted in newspapers.
Both men denied that the film was about Spain, but when it was entered for the official competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1966, an objection from the Spanish government caused it to be withdrawn and it was shown out of competition.
Both are intended to be used alongside or instead of the official Portage utilities in both development and practical use.
Both chambers are in The Hague which is the seat of parliament but not the official capital of the Netherlands, which is Amsterdam.
Both institutes promoted English-French bilingualism, although the OLBI holds an expanded mandate, to strengthen research, innovation and outreach efforts in official languages and bilingualism.
* Both wanted a president with universal prestige to lend credibility to the new office, especially since the new 1937 Constitution made it unclear whether the president or the British monarch was the official head of state ;
Both exceptors and tabelliones were organized into civil guilds ( collegia, scholae ) to ensure the official recording of both public and private acts.
Both Großräschen and Kleinräschen were first mentioned in an official document in 1370.
Both draw sizable crowds outdoor, but the term is not quite official.
Both cities Jackson and Madison, along with Exeter, New Hampshire and Crawfordsville, Iowa, bill themselves as the " Birthplace of the Republican Party ," however, Jackson is most often associated with this idea, as the event taking place was the first official mass Republican Party convention., with Madison, Wisconsin only a week later.
* AJ-BS group official Site ( Both French and English )
Both parts of Bailey's vision would, however, come true: The first game of the annual tradition, and the first official NHL All-Star Game, would be played in Maple Leaf Gardens, on October 13, 1947.
Both French and Italian are official languages.
" Both systems were used to indicate the revised standard of pronunciation in the new official Vocabulary of National Pronunciation for Everyday Use of 1932.
Both are colored on station signs, route signs, and the official subway map, since they provide service on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line in Manhattan.

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