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Despite and domestic
Despite Filipino and Indonedian foreign domestic helpers being the ethnic minorities, there are over 273, 609 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, accounting for 4 % of the entire population.
Despite an increasingly unpredictable domestic and international environment, policy making conforms to well established postwar patterns.
Despite his reputation as a serious composer of large, complex musical structures, some of Brahms's most widely known and most commercially successful compositions during his life were small-scale works of popular intent aimed at the thriving contemporary market for domestic music-making ; indeed, during the 20th century, the influential American critic B. H. Haggin, rejecting more mainstream views, argued in his various guides to recorded music that Brahms was at his best in such works and much less successful in larger forms.
Despite the success in domestic cups, Liverpool was 17th in the table over the second half of the season to finish the season eighth, their worst showing in the league since 1994, failing to qualify for Europe's Champions League for a third straight season.
Despite serious domestic turmoil, the patriotism engendered by Morocco ’ s participation in the Middle East conflict and by the events in Western Sahara contributed to Hassan ’ s popularity and strengthened his hand politically.
Despite his efforts, he has not been on a title winning first-class domestic team in either the Premier Trophy or the County Championship.
Despite his lengthy stay abroad, Bismarck was not entirely detached from German domestic affairs.
Despite the global financial crisis, the South Korean economy, helped by timely stimulus measures and strong domestic consumption of products that compensated for a drop in exports, was able to avoid a recession unlike most industrialized economies, posting positive economic growth for two consecutive years of the crisis.
Despite U. S. pressure on Japan to assist America in Iraq, Japan limited their involvement in the war to financial contribution primarily because of domestic opposition to the deployment of troops.
Despite the foreign and domestic difficulties during his reign, which culminated in the fall of Constantinople and of the Byzantine Empire, contemporary sources generally speak respectfully of the Emperor Constantine.
Despite its decline in domestic architecture, the term parlour continues to have an afterlife in many places as common nomenclature for certain categories of commercial enterprise.
Despite financial problems preventing new signings and curtailing squad size, the 2009-10 season saw Rangers reach their fifth consecutive domestic final.
Despite a harsh clampdown against conspiring Roman Catholics, Mary ( in domestic exile and Elizabeth's prisoner for nearly twenty years ), inspires an earnest attempt to overthrow Elizabeth.
Despite financial difficulties in the domestic market, Borders continued to expand its franchises, adding stores in Malaysia, Oman and Sharjah.
Despite its 1960s design, this new domestic terminal can handle more passengers than the more modern but smaller previous domestic terminal.
Despite domestic club troubles, he continued to make progress at international level, scoring the winning goal for the England Under-21 side in a 3 – 2 win over Switzerland.
" Despite increasing recognition that domestic labor is work, existing vocabularies do not easily convey the new appreciations.
Despite the political realignments and hope for more orderly government, domestic economic crises plagued whichever party held power.
Despite this, the widespread perception of " marine products " as " tough " led to domestic outdoor varnishes being branded as " Spar varnish " and sold on the virtue of their weather-and UV-resistance.
Despite a flirtation with the Spanish succession prior to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 – 71, Luís's reign was otherwise one of domestic stagnation as Portugal fell ever further behind the nations of western Europe in terms of public education, political stability, technological progress and economic prosperity.
Despite their weight, wild turkeys, unlike their domestic counterparts, are agile fliers.
Despite this success against an attack containing both McGrath and Shane Warne, Laxman apparently decided that he would return to domestic cricket, rather than continue playing as opener, a role which he believed did not suit him.

Despite and troubles
Despite these troubles Andronikos III secured the extension of Byzantine control over Thessaly in 1333 and Epirus in 1337, by taking advantage of succession crises in these principalities.
Despite its troubles, in 2000 Aon bought Reliance Group's accident and health insurance business, as well as Actuarial Sciences Associates, a compensation and employee benefits consulting company.
Despite his troubles in 1878, it was another good season for him on the field as he completed a sixth successive double with 1, 151 runs and 152 wickets.
Despite these troubles, the band returned to Grieghallen to begin work on their next album, Yersinia Pestis.
Despite the off-field troubles, Carlton continued to thrive on-field, and Parkin led the team to back-to-back premierships in 1981 and 1982, with victories in the Grand Finals against Collingwood and respectively.
Despite the troubles, McLain had another productive season in 1969, winning 24 games and won a second consecutive Cy Young Award, tying with Baltimore ’ s Mike Cuellar, marking the first time two players had shared the award.
Despite being largely unaffected by the troubles there were occasional events in Carrickfergus.
Despite its legal troubles, SST continued to release records by artists including Minutemen, Saccharine Trust, and Meat Puppets.
Despite occasional financial troubles ( he filed for bankruptcy in 1878 ), his political career prospered.
Despite overcoming the inevitable troubles with each other, their relationship ends when Julia's ex, Joe, a soldier, returns from the front line believing Julia to still be his girlfriend.
Despite their 1928 championship, the team experienced troubles in 1929.
Despite his early legal troubles, and the seemingly fatal stigma of being falsely labeled a pedophile, Sotos continues to garner support for his ideas and literary output.
Despite his troubles outside of the ring, Spadafora repeatedly expressed his intention to return to the ring.
Despite the Maroons ' financial troubles, they continued to play competitive hockey well into the 1930s.
Despite these troubles the Russian Bolsheviks were eventually successful in overthrowing the imperial government but only after countless cases of them being exiled, imprisoned and executed.
Despite his physical limitations and alcohol-related troubles, Hank was intelligent and had an exceptional knowledge of rock music trivia, especially late 60s — early 70s rock music ( Hank had been regularly listening to rock radio stations since he was four or five years old ).
Despite starting as a backup, Roy replaced Greg Moffet after he had equipment troubles during a game.
Despite their financial troubles, Wrexham went on to win the 2004 – 05 Football League Trophy by defeating Southend United 2 – 0 after extra time, in Wrexham's first appearance at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
Despite this, she is also extremely gifted and adaptable, and this frequently gets her out of troubles.
Despite delays and the troubles some units had in moving, the overall attack was going well, until the center was held up at the Benjamin Chew House.
Despite the troubles Yes was experiencing at the time, Howe was voted " Best Overall Guitarist " in Guitar Player magazine five years in a row ( 1977 – 1981 ) and was inducted into Guitar Player's " Gallery of Greats " in 1981.
Despite his relatively good bowling form, Pakistani coach Waqar Younis insisted that the bowling attack must not become reliant on Akhtar, as he is 35 years of age and fitness troubles continue to affect him.
Despite the funding troubles, Metro planned to seek contractors in March 1982 for a $ 60 million contract to tunnel under the Anacostia River, a $ 60 million contract to build the Anacostia Station, and a $ 100 million contract to build the Navy Yard Station.

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