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IC and 342
The IC 342 / Maffei Group ( also known as the IC 342 Group or the Maffei 1 Group ) is the nearest group of galaxies to the Local Group.
The group can be described as a binary group ; the member galaxies are mostly concentrated around either IC 342 or Maffei 1, both of which are the brightest galaxies within the group.
Note that Karachentsev divides this group into two subgroups centered around IC 342 and Maffei 1.
* Caldwell 5 ( IC 342 ), an intermediate spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis
circle 424 418 20 IC 342
Dwingeloo 1 has two smaller satellite galaxies: Dwingeloo 2 and MB 3 and is a member of the IC 342 / Maffei Group of galaxies.
As of 2011 the most likely distance to Dwingeloo 1 is thought to be approximately 3 Mpc based on its likely membership in the IC 342 / Maffei group.
Dwingeloo 1 is a member of the IC 342 / Maffei Group of galaxies.
* IC 342
Category: IC 342 / Maffei Group
Category: IC 342 / Maffei Group
# REDIRECT IC 342 / Maffei Group
# REDIRECT IC 342 / Maffei Group

IC and is
* IC 4499 is a loose globular cluster in the medium-far galactic halo.
* IC 4633 is a very faint spiral galaxy.
An International Council ( IC ) was set up to discuss and decide major issues regarding the WSF, while the local organizing committee in the host city is responsible for the practical preparations of the event.
This widely observed trend is described by Moore's law, which has proven to be a fairly accurate predictor of the growth of CPU ( and other IC ) complexity.
IC 166, also called Tombaugh 3, is a dim open cluster in Camelopardalis.
Generally, the first CERT team member arriving on the scene becomes team leader, and is the designated Incident Commander ( IC ) until the arrival of someone more competent.
An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit ( also referred to as IC, chip, or microchip ) is an electronic circuit manufactured by lithography, or the patterned diffusion of trace elements into the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material.
Furthermore, much less material is used to construct a packaged IC die than to construct a discrete circuit.
Interstitial cystitis, or bladder pain syndrome ( commonly abbreviated to " IC / BPS "), is a chronic, often severely debilitating disease of the urinary bladder.
IC / BPS is not a rare condition, however, IC / BPS is more common in women than in men.
However, IC / PBS has not been shown to be caused by a bacterial infection, and the mis-prescribed treatment of antibiotics is ineffective.
The most common symptoms of IC / PBS are pain, which is found in 100 % of patients, frequency ( 82 % of patients ) and nocturia ( 62 %).
In addition, men with IC / PBS are frequently diagnosed as having chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, and there is an extensive overlap of symptoms and treatment between the two conditions, leading researchers to posit that the conditions share the same etiology and pathology.
The cause of IC / BPS is unknown, though several theories have been put forward ( these include autoimmune theory, nerve theory, mast cell theory, leaky lining theory, infection theory and a theory of production of a toxic substance in the urine.
Regardless of the origin, it is clear that the majority of IC / BPS patients struggle with a damaged urothelium, or bladder lining.
* PAND, at gene map locus 13q22-q32, is associated with a constellation of disorders ( a " pleiotropic syndrome ") including IC / BPS and other bladder and kidney problems, thyroid diseases, serious headaches / migraines, panic disorder, and mitral valve prolapse.
Research has shown that there is proliferation of nerve fibers in the bladders of IC patients that is not present in the bladders of people who have not been diagnosed with IC.

IC and one
Recent advances have further added into one package an analog-to-digital converter and I²C ( Inter-integrated circuit communication protocol ) IC for direct connection to a microcontroller's I / O port.
A precursor idea to the IC was to create small ceramic squares ( wafers ), each one containing a single miniaturized component.
Thus, a diagnosis of IC / BPS is one of exclusion, as well as a review of clinical symptoms.
The Cray-1 used only four different IC types, an ECL dual 5-4 NOR gate ( one 5-input, and one 4-input, each with differential output ), another slower MECL 10K 5-4 NOR gate used for address fanout, a 16 × 4-bit high speed ( 6 ns ) static RAM ( SRAM ) used for registers, and a 1, 024 × 1-bit 50 ns SRAM used for the main memory.
TTL systems usually have a decoupling capacitor for every one or two IC packages, so that a current pulse from one chip does not momentarily reduce the supply voltage to the others.
It is considered one of the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the NGC and IC catalogues.
The turnpike also features the southern end of the " dual-dual " configuration ( inner car lanes and outer truck lanes ) which is one mile south of IC 8A at the border of Cranbury and Monroe.
Conway was home to one of the world's largest school bus manufacturers, IC Corporation.
The Conway plant was one of only two IC manufacturing plants ; the other is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Denham Springs almost missed being included on the route, however, as the Baton Rouge, Hammond and Eastern Railroad Co., which was later purchased by the IC, at one time considered bypassing the village, perhaps to force some concessions on the local residents ' part.
Texas Instruments has one plant in Aguascalientes, it is dedicated to integrated circuitry ( IC ) manufacturing.
Although less common, wire bonding can be used to connect an IC to other electronics or to connect from one PCB to another.
Dyspareunia is now believed to be one of the first symptoms of a disease called interstitial cystitis ( IC ).
In electronics, a pin-compatible device, such as a logic integrated circuit ( IC ), memory module or microprocessor, is one that has the same functions assigned to the same particular pins.
Despite large quantities of classified material produced by the IC, the amount of classified information produced on any one topic can be quite limited, and may be taken out of context if viewed only from a classified-source perspective.
A little boy ( IC Mendoza ) suspects a nun ( Aiko Melendez ) to be that creature, but no one believes him.
After the IC electron has been emitted, the atom is left with a vacancy in one of its electron shells, usually ( as noted ) an inner one.
As one example, IC coefficients are calculated explicitly for,, < sup > 99m </ sup > Tc,, < sup > 113m </ sup > In, < sup > 115m </ sup > In,,, < sup > 193m </ sup > Pt, and by Howell ( 1992 ) using Monte Carlo methods ( for the IC coefficient is zero ).
JTAG was meant to provide a pins-out view from one IC pad to another so all these faults could be discovered.

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