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December and 1940
* Constantine II of Greece ( born 1940 ), Olympic champion ( 1960 ) and formerly King of the Hellenes March 6, 1964 – December 8, 1974
He rejoined Kelly in December 1940 by which time the torpedo damage had been repaired.
Meanwhile, Japan ( allied to Germany and Italy since September 1940 ) attacked the British in Southeast Asia and the United States in Hawaii on 7 December 1941 ; Germany then completed its over-extension by declaring war on the United States.
While preparing for the Invasion of Russia, Hitler decided to attack Greece in December 1940 to prevent a British attack on his southern flank.
His rank of lieutenant-general was made permanent in December 1940.
John Ono Lennon, MBE, born John Winston Lennon ( 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980 ) was an English musician, singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a founder member
Dean Ormsby Torrence ( born Los Angeles, California March 10, 1940 ), is the son of Natalie Ormsby Torrence ( born April 10, 1911 in California ; died August 10, 2008 in Los Angeles, California ) and Maurice Dean Torrence ( born December 5, 1907 in South Dakota ; died November 16, 1997 in Los Angeles, California ), a graduate of Stanford University, who was a sales manager at the Wilshire Oil Company.
The German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis called at Kerguelen during December 1940.
Fuchs was put into camps on the Isle of Man and later in Quebec, Canada, from June to December 1940.
Following the occupation of Luxembourg by Germany on the 10 May 1940, recruitment for the Company of Volunteers continued until the 4 December 1940 when they were moved to Weimar in Germany to be trained as German police.
The invasion was cancelled in December 1940, when Hitler ordered preparations to be made for Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union.
* Kamerun was split on 20 July 1922 into British Cameroons ( under a Resident ) and French Cameroun ( under a Commissioner until 27 August 1940, then under a Governor ), on 13 December 1946 transformed into United Nations Trust Territories, again a British ( successively under senior district officers officiating as Resident, a Special Resident and Commissioners ) and a French Trust ( under a Haut Commissaire )
In December 1939 he was commissioned by Chatto & Windus to illustrate a children's book, Ride a Cock Horse and Other Nursery Rhymes, published for the Christmas market in 1940.
On 6 and 7 December 1940 the Nazi German auxiliary cruisers Orion and Komet sank four merchant ships.
Planning started on 18 December 1940 ; the secret preparations and the military operation itself lasted from June to December 1941.
On 5 December 1940, Hitler received military plans for the invasion, and approved them all, with the start scheduled for May 1941.
For Adolf Hitler, the circumstance was no dilemma, because the Drang nach Osten (" Drive towards the East ") policy secretly remained in force, culminating on 18 December 1940 with Directive No. 21, Operation Barbarossa, approved on 3 February 1941, and scheduled for mid-May 1941.
On 30 December 1875 this seat was again abolished, but only for a few years as it was reinstated on 8 April 1879, and remained the single parliamentary representation from Africa anywhere in a European legislature until the fall of the third republic in 1940.
" Premiered respectively by Prokofiev ( No. 6: 8 April 1940 ), Sviatoslav Richter ( No. 7: Moscow, 18 January 1943 ) and Emil Gilels ( No. 8: Moscow, 30 December 1944 ), they were subsequently championed in particular by Richter.
Food prices were stabilised in December 1939, initially as temporary measure, but made permanent in August 1940, while both milk and meals were provided at subsidised prices, or free in those cases of real need.
King linked Canada more and more closely to the United States, signing an agreement with Roosevelt at Ogdensburg, New York in August 1940 that provided for the close cooperation of Canadian and American forces, despite the fact that the U. S. remained officially neutral until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
The Redskins then met the Bears again in the 1940 NFL Championship Game on December 8, 1940.

December and wrote
And she wrote the libretto for an oratorio on the subject of Judas Maccabeus performed at the Hanukkah festival which came in December.
In December I wrote her with authority that we would meet on the steps of the Hotel Astor, a rendezvous spot that I had learned was the most sophisticated.
Upon arriving at Baltimore, Selkirk on December 22 wrote to John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State at Washington, inquiring about laws covering trade with `` Missouri and Illinois Territories ''.
On December 9, 1862, Sergeant Edwin H. Fay, an unusual Louisianan who held A.B. and M.A. degrees from Harvard University and who before the war was headmaster of a private school for boys in Louisiana, wrote his wife: `` I saw Pemberton and he is the most insignificant puke I ever saw.
The Daily Telegraph and the Morning Post on 21 December 1943 wrote that he had been saved by penicillin.
For example, Mozart wrote in December 1781 to his father that " the only one who counts in Emperor's eyes is Salieri ".
The Spanish musician probably wrote the work by 1827, the date he returned to Barcelona, and his hymn debuted in Santiago, in the Arteaga theater, 23 December 1828.
" That rich island ," he wrote on 1 December 1881, " the key to the Gulf of Mexico, is, though in the hands of Spain, a part of the American commercial system … If ever ceasing to be Spanish, Cuba must necessarily become American and not fall under any other European domination.
On December 11, 1975, shortly after the release of Bugs Bunny Superstar, which prominently featured Bob Clampett, Jones wrote a letter to Tex Avery, accusing Clampett of taking credit for ideas that were not his.
In December 1823, he wrote: " This is the last picture I want to paint, but I want to surpass myself in it.
Though he was undoubtedly devoted to her, Einhard wrote nothing of his wife until after her death on 13 December 835, when he wrote to a friend that he was reminded of her loss in ‘ every day, in every action, in every undertaking, in all the administration of the house and household, in everything needing to be decided upon and sorted out in my religious and earthly responsibilities ’.
On 15 December, the Duchess of Suffolk wrote to Burghley describing a plan she and Mary had devised to arrange a meeting between Oxford and his daughter.
In the December 1994 Wild Forest Review, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair wrote " The mainstream environmental movement was elitist, highly paid, detached from the people, indifferent to the working class, and a firm ally of big government .… The environmental movement is now accurately perceived as just another well-financed and cynical special interest group, its rancid infrastructure supported by Democratic Party operatives and millions in grants from corporate foundations .”
" In December 2010 he wrote in American Thinker that he is nonsmoker who finds second-hand smoke an unpleasant irritant that cannot be healthy ; he also wrote that his father, a heavy smoker, died of emphysema when relatively young.
In December 2009, after the release of thousands of e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit — a controversy that came to be known as " Climategate "— Singer wrote an opinion piece for Reuters in which he said the scientists had misused peer review, pressured editors to prevent publication of alternative views, and smeared opponents.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak has described Jainism as the originator of Ahimsa and wrote in a letter printed in Bombay Samachar, Mumbai: 10 December 1904: " In ancient times, innumerable animals were butchered in sacrifices.
Believing himself to be in a state of disgrace with Hitler over his failure to achieve the British alliance, Ribbentrop spent December 1937 in a state of depression, and together with his wife, wrote two lengthy documents for Hitler denouncing Britain.
From December 1851 to March 1852 Marx wrote The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, a work on the French Revolution of 1848, in which he expanded upon his concepts of historical materialism, class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat, advancing the argument that victorious proletariat has to smash the bourgeois state.
Paul Krugman, the Nobel Laureate in economics for 2008, wrote in his New York Times Op-Ed column for December 15, 2008:
In December 1890, Baum urged the wholesale extermination of all America's native peoples in a column he wrote on December 20, 1890, nine days before the Wounded Knee Massacre.
Following the December 29, 1890, massacre, Baum wrote a second editorial, published on January 3, 1891:

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