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So and any
So great a man could not but understand, too, that the thing that moves men to sacrifice their lives is not the error of their thought, which their opponents see and attack, but the truth which the latter do not see -- any more than they see the error which mars the truth they themselves defend.
So in these pages the term `` technology '' is used to include any and all means which could amplify, project, or augment man's control over himself and over other men.
So far as `` sacredness '' inheres in any aspect of creation it seems to me to be found in human personality, whether in Lambarene, Africa, or in Washington, D.C..
So our innate generosity of spirit prompts us to share our trials, errors and solutions with any who are taking the pool plunge for the first time -- in the pious hope that some may profit from our experience.
So a quick count could be made at any time, even by an illiterate clerk, of the number of registered persons in four age-and-sex classes.
So, for example, while R < sup > n </ sup > is a Banach space with respect to any norm defined on it, it is only a Hilbert space with respect to the Euclidean norm.
So the immaterial " active intellect ", separate from any individual person, is still essential for understanding to occur.
So George just told David he would not work any longer if the script was not better and he wanted the Howard script back ... he would not let his name go out over a lousy picture ... And bull-headed David said ' OK get out!
So " Elohim " could refer to any number of " rulers ", such as angels, false gods ( as defined by Torah ), or even human holders of power including rulers or judges within Israel, as described in, without violating the parameters of monotheism.
) So far, observations show any rotation of the Universe is very slow ( no faster than once every 60 · 10 < sup > 12 </ sup > years ( 10 < sup >− 13 </ sup > rad / yr )), and debate persists over whether there is any rotation.
So far, none of them has indicated any serious move to begin commercial exploitation.
So any doctrine, such as materialism, that asserts that finite qualities or natural objects are fully real is mistaken.
So the interrupt latency for a blocked interrupt is extended to the end of the critical section, plus any interrupts with equal and higher priority that arrived while the block was in place.
He concluded, " So, please " Cornucopians ," let's not hear any more of the Ehrlich-Simon bet, which proves, in fact, both that man is mortal and must make short-term bets, and, more importantly, that Ehrlich's argument was right ( so far ).
So bold, indeed, that Coleridge for once was able to dispense with any language out of the past.
In fact, if we consider files of length N, if all files were equally probable, then for any lossless compression that reduces the size of some file, the expected length of a compressed file ( averaged over all possible files of length N ) must necessarily be greater than N. So if we know nothing about the properties of the data we are compressing, we might as well not compress it at all.
So, although Russia's political economy principally was agrarian and semi-feudal, the task of democratic revolution therefore fell to the urban, industrial working class, as the only social class capable of effecting land reform and democratization, in view that the Russian propertied classes would attempt to suppress any revolution, in town and country.
So we can identify the " class of all sets " with the predicate x = x or any equivalent predicate.
So Nasreddin said, Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won't waste any more of your time!
So the logarithm cannot be defined for the whole complex plane, and even then it is multi-valued – any complex logarithm can be changed into an " equivalent " logarithm by adding any integer multiple of 2πi at will.
So for the gravitational force — or, more generally, for any inverse square force law — the right hand side of the equation becomes a constant and the equation is seen to be the harmonic equation ( up to a shift of origin of the dependent variable ).
So any interaction between an isolated wavefunction and the external world that results in this wavefunction collapse is called an observation or measurement, whether or not it is part of a deliberate observation process.
So, in any case there is a truth that God does not and cannot know, for knowledge implies true belief.

So and store
So in virtue of the decomposition, we need store only values rather than 1024 values, a dramatic savings.
So long as long enough sequences can be stored it is possible to store an access number, pause, PIN, and ultimate telephone number in a single normal phone memory location.
So, for instance, rules for increasing or reducing the money supply based on perceived inflation, or on measuring well-being, reflect some such values, reflect the importance of using ( all forms of ) financial capital as a stable store of value.
So the building will probably end up as an antique store, Micek said.
So named for Oscar J. Oubre, the Loreauville branch of the OJ Oubre lumber company operated from the present location of the Judice Building Supplies store.
So is Hieronymus Englemann, Center Line's first post master and Joseph Buechel, proprietor of the first general store.
So far Sam's Club is the only retail store built on the property.
In the area's name, ' Bori ' mean sack and ' Bandar ' means Bhandaar or store ; So Bori Bunder literally means a place where sacks are stored.
So, instead of 2, 4, 6, 9, 7, we would store 2, 2, 2, 3, − 2.
So, the dime store Broadway label-always a cheap label-went from company to company during its 10-15 year life.
So for instance we can store a macro to add one and then multiply by 2 into register m:
So strong was his confidence in Engelmann's ability that he offered to give him his whole store of unpublished notes and sketches.
' So my folks borrowed $ 2, 000 from Household Finance on their furniture, I let everybody go and I worked 30 days to get the other thousands and I paid $ 12, 000 for a little taco store in Long Beach.
So all an IC need do is store the expected CRC signature and test for it after a large enough sample set from the PRNG.
So when you are at the grocery store, you can then think about this walk and “ see ” what you placed at each location.
** Peter Potamus ' Plant Palace-A plant store run by Peter Potamus and So So.
So, he established the Tempo department store and opened it on Östermalmstorg in Stockholm.
So he purchased the land, farm, and animals and built his store on the land.
So he goes back to the department store to buy another house for Woodstock.

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