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Through and federal
Through the late 1990s, the only exception to the Honor Code, implemented earlier in the decade in response to changes in federal regulations, concerned the sexual harassment policy.
Through referenda, citizens may challenge any law voted by federal parliament and through initiatives introduce amendments to the federal constitution, making Switzerland the closest state in the world to a direct democracy.
Through a variety of measures the area's air quality was improved and in 2002 the EPA designated the area in compliance with all federal health-based air quality standards.
Through grants from federal, state and private entities, the college has been able to improve the energy-efficiency of the Dining Hall, Dalrymple, Mather and the Admissions building since 2008, with plans to work on student residences in the future.
Through local efforts and federal funding, a Community Center, Activities Center, and Library have been added to the downtown area ( see section on " History " below ).
Through constitutional reforms in the 1970s and 1980s, regionalisation of the unitary state led to a three-tiered federation: federal, regional, and community governments were created, a compromise designed to minimize linguistic, cultural, social, and economic tensions.
Through the federal waiver program, Thompson helped replicate this program in several states when he became Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Through these financings BCP obtained control of Red Herring and in 2002 put the company through an assignment for the benefit of creditors ( ABC ), which is a California state process similar to a federal bankruptcy.
Through the efforts of federal, state, and local agencies, all aspects of canal improvements recommended at the conclusion of the study were analyzed for environmental, cultural, economic, and engineering concerns.
Through the Social Security Act of 1935, the federal government of the United States effectively encouraged the individual states to adopt unemployment insurance plans.
Through its Public and Scientific Affairs Board ( PSAB ) the society regularly monitors public policy, specifically the United States federal government and Congress and provides comment and testimony on issues that affect microbiology.
Through the Compromise, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was awarded the White House over Democrat Samuel J. Tilden on the understanding that Hayes would remove the federal troops whose support was essential for the survival of Republican state governments in South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana.
* Federal Legislation: Through federal legislation, CSGV supports repealing the Tiahrt Amendment, renewing the Assault Weapons Ban, closing the " gun show loophole ", and prohibiting individuals who are on any government watch list from purchasing firearms.
Through NAWCA, Utah has received $ 3. 6 million in federal funding which has been used to stimulate more than $ 10. 4 million in private donations.
Through the acts, actions committed with the intent to influence voters, prevent them from voting, or conspiring to deprive them of civil rights, including life, were made federal offenses.
Through most of the 20th century, federal and state legal and political initiatives intended to better workers ’ lives had effects on the operations of the port.
Through a federal program known as SEEK, or " Search for Education, Evaluation, and Knowledge ", he continued his studies and entered into the field of radio engineering with WRVR.
Through the policies of Indian removal in the East and Indian reservation-creation in the West, the federal government removed Native Americans from most of their ancestral land.
Through Congress's passage of the McCarren amendment, the federal government has consented to having its claims adjudicated in state courts.
AFJ launched the Judicial Selection Project ( JSP ) in 1985 “ to expose and combat the Reagan administration ’ s plans to pack the federal judiciary with hard-line conservative jurists .” Through the JSP, AFJ monitors and investigates judicial nominations at all levels of the federal branch, and encourages public participation in the confirmation process.
Through his book River Disputes in India: Kerala Rivers Under Siege and other writings and talks on the subject, Sadasivan was one of the first to address the issue of the Mullaperiyar dam from a scholarly angle, and put forth thought-provoking questions ; particularly the question of whether an age-old agreement entered into by an erstwhile local ruler, under pressure from an erstwhile colonial power, should hold valid in the current two-tier federal and state governmental model ; and whether any irrational arrangement from history should be binding on the people of present day Kerala, who he saw as being potentially at risk of an environmental disaster.
Through partnerships with education, medicine, the judicial system, government agencies, and the National Guard, the Network brings this live video to around 750 sites, or nodes, around Iowa, located in schools, National Guard armories, libraries, hospitals, and federal and state government offices.

Through and funds
* Both the books Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages, which were written by Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling as a way to raise funds for Comic Relief, are written as reference books for the wizarding world.
Through the infusion of EU investment funds, the city continues to work to reshape itself into a modern metropolis.
Through his agents Stephen and Theodotos, the emperor raised the funds to gratify his sumptuous tastes and his mania for erecting costly buildings.
Through donations and matching funds, WMF has worked with local community and government partners worldwide to safeguard and conserve places of historic value for future generations.
Through the NHS R & D programme, led by the first Director of Research and Development Professor Michael Peckham, funds were provided to establish a ' Cochrane Centre ', to collaborate with others, in the UK and elsewhere, to facilitate systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials across all areas of health care.
Through equity and with the use of their own funds, company members set out to modernize the building and turn it into a performance space.
Through this process, the funds grow via accumulated interest.
Through the Ministry of Finance, Uhuru Kenyatta initiated an internal audit on all donor-funded projects and found that funds given to both KESSP and WKCDD had been misappropriated.
" Through July and August Leisler's hand-picked militia exercised de facto control over the city, financed by provincial funds Nicholson had deposited in the fort.
Through a team of investment professionals across the world, it invests in equities, fixed interest, infrastructure, property, diversified funds and multi-manager funds.
Through the mid-1990s, the Viking Club would also stage midnight bingo games at the venue to raise funds for their organization.
Through the creation of a network of agents, couriers and shippers, the bank was able to provide funds to the armies of the Duke of Wellington in Portugal and Spain.
Through Tresalia, Aramburuzabala family has made investments in large Mexican companies, as well as the management of private and venture capital funds and the creation of new companies.
Through these V-Day campaigns, local volunteers and college students produce annual benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues, A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer, Any One of Us: Words From Prison, screenings of the V-Day documentary Until The Violence Stops and the PBS documentary What I Want My Words to Do to You, and conduct Spotlight Campaign Teach-Ins and V-Men workshops, to raise awareness and funds for anti-violence groups within their own communities.
Through the shrewd use of political power, WCAR was allocated the funds necessary to move its studios and offices to the Frank Porter Graham Student Union in 1973.
Through this the government offers loans to filmmaker's who want to develop films, however the criteria for obtaining funds has been criticised as promoting only commercial films.
Through concessions for industries such as oil, mining and timber and through division of land from the Allotment Act forward, these concessions have raised problems of consent, exploitation of low royalty rates, environmental injustice, and gross mismanagement of funds held in trust, resulting in the loss of $ 10 – 40 billion.
Through the efforts of then headmaster Francis Gillespy, funds were raised and the pupil roll gradually increased again.
Through awareness campaigns, investment funds from Scandinavian countries decided to divest from Walmart Mexico for repeating the same violations: destroying archeological vestiges and world cultural heritage.
Through his swimming projects he tries to raise funds and awareness for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.
Through the use of a three cent gasoline tax, Trapp raised enough funds to finance Oklahoma ’ s first Highway Commission.
Through Governor Rhodes, the State of Ohio pledged $ 500, 000 dependent on local matching funds.
Through circumstances beyond your control, that project now appears unfeasible, if not impossible, within any reasonable amount of time, chiefly due to the lack of qualified teachers and adequate building funds.

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