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Page "lore" ¶ 1051
from Brown Corpus
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Within and its
Within the order, each individual community ( which may be a monastery, a priory or abbey ) maintains its own autonomy, while the organization as a whole exists to represent their mutual interests.
Within Switzerland, Basel was chosen largely because of its location, with excellent railway connections in all directions, especially important at a time when most international travel was by train.
Within Chile's diversified network of trade relationships, its most important partner remained the United States.
Within the Protestant tradition the Presbyterian Church ( which has its roots in Scottish Presbyterianism ) also has parishes named in honour of Columba.
Within this section, from near Phipps Bridge to near Reeves Corner, route 3 follows the Surrey Iron Railway, giving Tramlink a claim to the one of the world's oldest railway alignments-beside Mitcham tram stop had its name long before Tramlink.
Within this statist paradigm, only the state and its appointed representatives were allowed to bear arms and enter into war.
Within a few years, the federal government would create its own need-based program, known as Pell Grants, providing the neediest students with a tuition-free college education.
Within twenty-four days the rebellion was crushed, and its leaders at Mainz savagely punished.
Within three years of its publication, it had been reprinted nine times with 11, 000 copies circulating in the United States ; it was also translated into French and Dutch and published in Europe.
Within each domain, the spins are aligned, but ( if the bulk material is in its lowest energy configuration, i. e. unmagnetized ), the spins of separate domains point in different directions and their magnetic fields cancel out, so the object has no net large scale magnetic field.
Within hours they realized that, because of the Doppler effect, they could pinpoint where the satellite was along its orbit from the Doppler shift.
Within seconds, with all its supports demolished, the bridge and several motor cars on top of it crashed onto the carriages, crushing them and the passengers inside.
Within Lebanon and on its border with Syria, the bright white is snow covering the mountain peaks of Mount Lebanon and Mount Hermon.
Within the government, it was agreed that Japan would try to secure its position in China, defuse the conflict with the Soviet Union, move troops into Indochina, and prepare for a military response from Britain and possibly the United States.
Within three months of its organization, the Freedmen ’ s Aid Society had begun work in the South.
Within the industry, Mad was known for the uncommonly prompt manner in which its contributors were paid.
Within a few years after the Civil War the city had reclaimed its important shipping and trading position and also developed a solid manufacturing base.
Within his first year at Olney a gallery was added to the church to increase its congregational capacity, and the weekly prayer-meetings were moved in 1769 to Lord Dartmouth's mansion, the Great House, to accommodate even greater numbers.
Within biology, ontogeny pertains to the developmental history of an organism within its own lifetime, as distinct from phylogeny, which refers to the evolutionary history of species.
Within each layer, one or more entities implement its functionality.
Within the church, William Lamont argues, the Elizabethan millennial views of John Foxe became sidelined, with Puritans adopting instead the " centrifugal " views of Brightman, while the Laudians replaced the " centripetal " attitude of Foxe to the ' Christian Emperor ' by the national and episcopal Church closer to home, with its royal head, as leading the Protestant world iure divino ( by divine right ).
Within the Romance languages, Romansh stands out through its peripheral location, which manifests itself through several archaic features.
Within France, the revolution was opposed by the French nobility, which had lost its inherited privileges.
Within its government, power is shared between a directly elected president, a prime minister, and an incompletely bicameral legislature.

Within and limits
Within certain wide limits anatomy dictates function and, if one is permitted to speculate, potential pathology should be included in this statement as well.
Within the city limits, five bridges connect greater and lesser Basel, from upstream to downstream:
Within Eddings ' universe, this limits their capacity for exertion in an oxygen atmosphere, and also determines the tactics used to fight them and eventually to destroy them in their encampments.
Within limits, an arbitrary number of twists may be added to new stitches, whether they be knit or purl.
Within city limits both Carlow University and Chatham University have residential gender segregation above 90 %, as Duquesne University and Point Park University both have female populations at 60 % or greater as Carnegie Mellon University has a 60 % male population.
Within usefully broad limits, logic gates could be treated as ideal Boolean devices without concern for electrical limitations.
Within the city limits are six small rivers ( Myshka, etc.
Within those countries that openly advocate religious tolerance there remain debates as to the limits of tolerance.
Within the zoning regulations, Belmopan has set aside approximately of land made up mostly of one-acre ( 4, 000 m² ) parcels in city limits.
Within the city limits of Chorzów:
Within limits, a smaller pinhole ( with a thinner surface that the hole goes through ) will result in sharper image resolution because the projected circle of confusion at the image plane is practically the same size as the pinhole.
Within the city limits in the southwestern section is a large portion of the Great Dismal Swamp.
Within the city limits of Portsmouth, there are fourteen parks for the residents and for community use.
Within the city limits are two high schools ( Lafayette High School and the Chambers County Career Technical School ), one middle school ( JP Powell Middle School ), and one elementary school ( Eastside Elementary School ).
Within the city limits, most of Madison's businesses are retail, with stores and fast-food restaurants lining US 72 to the north and Madison Boulevard to the south.
Within city limits is Calexico International Airport, the U. S. Customs and Border Protection check-point for private passenger and air-cargo flights entering the U. S. from Mexico.
Within the city limits are 34, 295 housing units.
Within the town limits, there are 16 banks, six lodging facilities, and 29 day care facilities.
Within the city limits of Dunedin, there are four public elementary schools ( Curtis Fundamental, Dunedin, Garrison-Jones, San Jose ), one public middle school ( Dunedin Highland ), and one public high school ( Dunedin High School ).
Within the city limits are the localities of Meinhard and Monteith.
Within the corporate limits, there are virtually no residents under the poverty line.
Within the city limits lies the castle of the Counts of Almelo.
* Within the city limits, the only means of public transport is the bus.
Within the city limits of Hartford is one of the endpoints of the Van Buren Trail.

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