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John and Phillips
* 1935 – John Phillips, American singer-songwriter and guitarist ( The Mamas & the Papas ) ( d. 2001 )
( C ) 1983 Acorn Computers Ltd. Thanks are due to the following contributors to the development of the Electron ( among others too numerous to mention ):- Bob Austin, Astec, Harry Barman, Paul Bond, Allen Boothroyd, Ben Bridgewater, Cambridge, John Cox, Chris Curry, 6502 designers, Jeremy Dion, Tim Dobson, Joe Dunn, Ferranti, Steve Furber, David Gale, Andrew Gordon, Martyn Gilbert, Lawrence Hardwick, Hermann Hauser, John Herbert, Hitachi, Andy Hopper, Paul Jephcot, Brian Jones, Chris Jordan, Computer Laboratory, Tony Mann, Peter Miller, Trevor Morris, Steve Parsons, Robin Pain, Glyn Phillips, Brian Robertson, Peter Robinson, David Seal, Kim Spence-Jones, Graham Tebby, Jon Thackray, Topexpress, Chris Turner, Hugo Tyson, John Umney, Alex van Someren, Geoff Vincent, Adrian Warner, Robin Williamson, Roger Wilson.
The first Manx translation of the Book of Common Prayer was made by Bishop John Phillips of Sodor and Man in 1610.
Near the end of the 17th century, John Phillips, a nephew of poet John Milton, published what is considered by Putnam the worst English translated version.
OUs contributors included William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Gil J Wolman, François Dufrêne, Bernard Heidsieck, John Furnival, Tom Phillips, and the Austrian sculptor, writer and Dada pioneer Raoul Hausmann.
Douglas was accompanied at the meeting by Atchison, Hunter, Phillips and John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky.
Three researchers at NIST have been awarded Nobel Prizes for their work in Physics: William D. Phillips in 1997, Eric A. Cornell in 2001, John L. Hall in 2005, which is the largest number for any US government laboratory.
* John Phillips
The title lasted until 1991 and launched the careers of talents such as Garth Ennis, John Smith and Sean Phillips.
* March 18 – John Phillips, American rapper ( b. 1935 )
* December 25 – John Phillips, British geologist ( d. 1874 )
* August 30 – John Phillips, American singer ( d. 2001 )
* John Phillips
They include Peter Phillips, ed., Lingard Remembered: Essays to Mark the Sesquicentenary of John Lingard ’ s Death ( London: Catholic Record Society, 2004 ); Edwin Jones, John Lingard and the Pursuit of Historical Truth ( Brighton, England, and Portland, Oregon: Sussex Academic Press, 2001 ); John Trappes-Lomax, ed., The Letters of Dr. John Lingard to Mrs. Thomas Lomax ( 1835-51 ) ( London: Catholic Record Society, 2000 ); J. A.
He was a lifelong abolitionist, delivering lectures that attacked the Fugitive Slave Law while praising the writings of Wendell Phillips and defending abolitionist John Brown.
* Phillips, John A., and Charles Wetherell.
* Phillips, John A.
Scott McKenzie's rendition of John Phillips ' song, " San Francisco ", became a hit in the United States and Europe.
Scott McKenzie's 1967 rendition of John Phillips ' song " San Francisco ( Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair )", which helped to inspire the hippie Summer of Love, became a homecoming song for all Vietnam veterans arriving in San Francisco from 1967 onward.

John and Wolf
* Davis, John J. and Herbert Wolf.
* Wolf, John B. Louis XIV ( 1968 ), the standard scholarly biography online edition
* Wolf, John B.
The translation took more than a decade to complete ; 13 evangelical scholars worked on the translation: Ronald F. Youngblood, Kenneth L. Barker, John H. Stek, Donald H. Madvig, R. T. France, Gordon Fee, Karen H. Jobes, Walter Liefeld, Douglas J. Moo, Bruce K. Waltke, Larry L. Walker, Herbert M. Wolf and Martin Selman.
Other origins include other early works of Wolf as well as John W. Cole at the University of Massachusetts, Hans Magnus Enzensberger and others in the 1970s and 1980s.
On April 8, 1806 Captain John D ' Wolf of Bristol, Rhode Island sailed the Juno to Newettee, a small inlet in the northwestern promontory of Vancouver's Island.
Meanwhile he developed his taste and interest in music, listening " intensively " to the Delta blues of Son House and Robert Johnson, jazz artists such as Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor, and the Chicago blues of Howlin ' Wolf and Muddy Waters.
Later he studied musicology and philosophy with Johannes Wolf and Friedrich Blumein at the University of Berlin ( 1929 – 31 ), as well as taking composition lessons ( 1927 – 32 ) with John Ireland.
Over the years, Wireds writers have included Jorn Barger, John Perry Barlow, John Battelle, Paul Boutin, Stewart Brand, Gareth Branwyn, Po Bronson, Scott Carney, Michael Chorost, Douglas Coupland, James Daly, Joshua Davis, J. Bradford DeLong, Mark Dery, David Diamond, Patrick Di Justo, Cory Doctorow, Esther Dyson, Mark Frauenfelder, Simson Garfinkel, William Gibson, Dan Gillmor Mike Godwin, George Gilder, Lou Ann Hammond, Danny Hillis, Steven Johnson, Bill Joy, Jon Katz, Leander Kahney, Richard Kadrey, Jaron Lanier, Lawrence Lessig, Paul Levinson, Steven Levy, John Markoff, Wil McCarthy, Glyn Moody, Charles Platt, Josh Quittner, Spencer Reiss, Howard Rheingold, Rudy Rucker, Paul Saffo, Evan Schwartz, Peter Schwartz, Alex Steffen, Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, Chris Hardwick, John Hodgman, Kevin Warwick, Dave Winer, Belinda Parmar and Gary Wolf.
* John W. Cole, Eric R. Wolf, The hidden frontier: ecology and ethnicity in an alpine valley, University of California Press ( 1999 ), ISBN 9780520216815.
Production designer Wolf Kroeger was forced to drastically compact his sets, and animation director and designer John Kricfalusi had to push his team, including Lynne Naylor, Jim Smith and Bob Jaques, to complete the animation within a few weeks.
Additionally, not all scholars accept the gwalch derivation ; noted Celticist John Koch has suggested the name could be derived from a Brythonic original * Wolcos Magesos, " Wolf / Errant Warrior of the Plain.
* John Milnor ( born 1931 ), mathematician known for his work in differential topology, K-theory and dynamical systems and recipient of the Fields Medal, Wolf Prize, and Abel Prize.
* John Hoerr, journalist and author of And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline of the American Steel Industry
Artists included Alexander Kipnis ( III, IV, V ); Herbert Janssen ( II, V ); Gerhard Hüsch ( II, III, IV, V ); John McCormack ( accompanied by Edwin Schneider ) ( II ); Alexandre Trianti ( II, III ); Ria Ginster ( IV, V ); Friedrich Schorr ( II ); Elisabeth Rethberg ( IV, V ); Tiana Lemnitz Each volume was accompanied by a booklet containing a short essay by Ernest Newman ( I: Words and Music in Hugo Wolf, II: Wolf's Goethe Songs, III: A Note of Wolf as Craftsman, IV: The Italienisches Liederbuch ) together with German texts, English translations ( by Winifred Radford ) and notes on each song ( by Newman ).
* Wolf, John B. Louis XIV.
Van Morrison, Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Howlin ' Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, the Youngbloods, John Hammond, Jr., The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Michael Bloomfield, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, The Chambers Brothers, Canned Heat, The Fugs, Odetta, Country Joe and the Fish, all played there.
Catherine Ballou ( Jane Fonda ), an aspiring schoolteacher, is traveling by train to Wolf City, Wyoming, to visit her rancher father, Frankie Ballou ( John Marley ).
A splinter Wolf band ( which featured no members from any Steppenwolf band fronted by John Kay ) appeared around the same time with lead vocalist Don Coenen.
At an early age, she was introduced by her parents to blues music, jazz and art rock, which, she told Rolling Stone in 1995, would later influence her: " I was brought up listening to John Lee Hooker, to Howlin ' Wolf, to Robert Johnson, and a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Captain Beefheart.

John and King
Mrs. William Odell, Mrs. Clinton B. King, John Holabird Jr., Norman Boothby, and Actress Maureen O'Sullivan will judge the costumes in the grand march at the Affaire Old Towne Bal Masque tomorrow in the Germania club.
Producer John Holmes has chosen a delightful comedy for his season's opener at Matunuck in Jean Kerr's `` King Of Hearts ''.
* 1385 – Portuguese Crisis of 1383 – 1385: Battle of Aljubarrota – Portuguese forces commanded by King John I and his general Nuno Álvares Pereira defeat the Castilian army of King John I.
* 1676 – Praying Indian John Alderman shoots and kills Metacomet, the Wampanoag war chief, ending King Philip's War.
John of Worcester, a medieval chronicler, stated that Ealdred crowned King Harold II in 1066, although the Norman chroniclers mention Stigand as the officiating prelate.
He was elected Grand Duke of Lithuania on the death of his father ( 1492 ), and King of Poland on the death of his brother John I Albert ( 1501 ).
The Scottish forces reached the south coast of England at the port of Dover where in September 1216, Alexander paid homage to the pretender Prince Louis of France for his lands in England, chosen by the barons to replace King John.
" John taunted King Alexander, and because he was red-headed, sent word to him,
* 1200 – King John of England, signee of the first Magna Carta, marries Isabella of Angouleme in Bordeaux Cathedral.
King Charles II, who founded the Royal Observatory Greenwich in 1675 instructed the first Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed, ".
King John of England gave the Abbey permission to buy and sell goods anywhere in England ( except London ) toll-free.
John Altschuler, formerly a writer for King of the Hill, told a Rolling Stone reporter that he saw signs that Mike Judge was thinking of reviving Beavis and Butt-Head.
His delay there allowed John II, King of France, to attempt to catch Edward's army.
At about this time, King John hesitated and sent his sons from the battlefield.
King John was captured with his immediate entourage only after a memorable resistance.
* King John II of France, captured.
" ( King James Version ) They consider that when Jesus said in John 3: 5 that one has to be born from " water and the spirit " to enter the kingdom of God, it was not a command but a necessity, because the text states " Ye must be born again ".
The Battle of Berestechko (; ) was fought between the Ukrainian Cossacks, led by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, aided by their Crimean Tatar allies, and a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army under King John II Casimir.
The Polish infantry centre, under the personal command of King John Casimir, advanced slowly forward.
As the battle ended, King John Casimir made the error of not pressing even harder the pursuit of the fleeing Cossacks.
The defeat was so decisive that Otto was deposed and replaced by Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Ferrand and Renaud were captured and imprisoned and King John of England was forced to sign the Magna Carta by his discontented barons.
He thus broke allegiance with Philip and assembled a broad coalition including Emperor Otto IV, King John I of England, Duke Henry I of Brabant, Count William I of Holland, Duke Theobald I of Lorraine, and Duke Henry III of Limburg.

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