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important and port
In recent years, the Port Authority has established it as one of the most important ports in Spain for cruises, with 72 calls to port made by cruise ships in 2007 bringing some 80, 000 passengers and 30, 000 crew to the city each year.
The 17th-century rise of Britain's American colonies and the rapid 18th-century expansion of the Atlantic slave trade had made Bristol an important international sea port, and Teach was most likely raised in what was the second-largest city in England.
By the 13th century, the city was an important port, with a mixed Basque and Gascon population.
Bulgaria thought it could occupy the larger part of Aegean Macedonia and the important port city of Salonika before the Greeks could get there.
One important turning point came in the Seven Years ' War, when the British conquered the port of Havana and introduced thousands of slaves in a ten month period.
Casablanca was an important strategic port during World War II and hosted the Casablanca Conference in 1943, in which Churchill and Roosevelt discussed the progress of the war.
* Haina Occidental Port, located just 20 km west of Santo Domingo, is one of the most important port in the Dominican Republic.
:* Urupa ( city-state, important port )
Together with the nearby port of Gdynia, Gdańsk is also an important industrial center.
The port of Bissau was one of the main employers and a very important source of taxes for the province's authorities.
The most important port is Budapest, the capital.
It was an important port in the Americas for goods and products flowing to and from France and Europe.
Hastings was, for centuries, an important fishing port ; although nowadays much reduced, it still has the largest beach-based fishing fleet in England.
Under long-standing bilateral agreements flowing from NATO membership, Italy hosts important U. S. military forces at Vicenza – home of 173d Airborne Brigade – and Livorno ( USA ); Aviano ( USAF ); and Sigonella, Nisida, and Gaeta – home port for the U. S. Navy Sixth Fleet.
In all likelihood, he went directly from Ta ' izz to the important trading port of Aden, arriving around the beginning of 1329 or 1331.
Spain controlled much of the Mississippi since taking over former French territory, including the important port of New Orleans.
Established in the fourth century, the city became an important trading port for the Kingdom of Sunda.
Shipping goods ahead, Audubon and Rozier started a general store in Louisville, Kentucky ; on the Ohio River, it was the most important port between Pittsburgh and New Orleans.
The city was an important port in the trade from Mesopotamia to India and provided port facilities for the great city of Susa, further up the Tigris River.
During the nineteenth century the town of Beirut became the most important port of the region, supplanting Acre further to the south.
He held the position of comptroller of customs for the port of London under George II and George III, which was important to trade between America and England.
On the imports side, Mexican improvements in port efficiency would appear to be the most important factor, although for imports of transport equipment, improvements in service sector infrastructure would also be of relative importance.
The 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia wrote, " From ancient times until the nineteenth century the port of Monaco was among the most important of the French Mediterranean coast, but now it has lost all commercial significance.
Because of this the port and related companies form an important economic driver for the city.

important and for
but for this discussion the most important division is between those who have been reconstructed and those who haven't.
In 1961 the first important legislative victory of the Kennedy Administration came when the principle of national responsibility for local economic distress won out over a `` state's-responsibility '' proposal -- provision was made for payment for unemployment relief by nation-wide taxation rather than by a levy only on those states afflicted with manpower surplus.
'' The other important difference between the two Constitutions was that the President of the Confederacy held office for six ( instead of four ) years, and was limited to one term.
In any social system in which communications have an importance comparable with that of production and other human factors, a point like f in Figure 2 would ( other things being equal ) be the dwelling place for the community leader, while e and h would house the next most important citizens.
Let me quote him even more fully, for his analysis is important to my theme.
He commented -- thoughtfully, a reporter told us -- that it was `` not too important for the individual how he ends up ''.
Besides showing no inclination, apparently, to absent himself from his native region even for short periods, and in addition writing a shelf of books set in the region, he has handled in those books an astonishingly complete list of matters which have been important in the South during the past hundred years.
It may be that in this comment he has broken from the conventional pattern more violently than in any other regard, for the treatment in his books is far removed from even the genial irony of Ellen Glasgow, who was the only important novelist before him to challenge the conventional picture of planter society.
A smart, shrewd and ambitious young man, well connected, and with a knack for getting in the good graces of important people, he was bound to go far.
but they are important foundation stones for more extensive exploration of outer space for the ultimate benefit of all mankind.
What is not so well known, however, and what is quite important for understanding the issues of this early quarrel, is the kind of attack on literature that Sidney was answering.
That fact is very clearly illustrated in the case of the many present-day intellectuals who were Communists or near-Communists in their youth and are now so extremely conservative ( or reactionary, as many would say ) that they can define no important political conviction that does not seem so far from even a centrist position as to make the distinction between Mr. Nixon and Mr. Khrushchev for them hardly worth noting.
In his recent book, Hurray For Anything ( 1957 ), one of the most important short poems -- and it is the title poem for one of the long jazz arrangements -- is written for recital with jazz.
And then there is St. Louis county, where the Democratic leadership has shown little appreciation of the need for sound zoning, of the important relationship between proper land use and economic growth.
I wanted to grab her by the arm and beg her to wait, to consider, to know for certain because life is so long and marriage is so important.
The Illinois Commission for Handicapped Children, which for 20 years has had the responsibility of coordinating the services of tax supported and voluntary organizations serving handicapped children, of studying the needs of handicapped children in Illinois, and of promoting more adequate services for them, indeed welcomes this new important resource which will help the people of Illinois toward the goal of providing an education for all of its children.
Then, to conclude on an indeterminate note: `` Nevertheless, if fallout increased substantially, or remained high for a long time, it would become far more important as a potential health hazard in this country and throughout the world ''.
When the telephone rang on the day after Hino went down to the village, Rector had a hunch it would be Hino with some morsel of information too important to wait until his return, for there were few telephones in the village and the phone in Rector's office rarely rang unless it was important.

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