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Collaborative and effort
One such effort, the Orange Mound Collaborative, funded by a Ford Foundation grant, stresses " education through empowerment.
By 1998, three LGBT workplace organizations merged in an effort to effectively collaborate on their common mission of creating safe and affirming workplaces for LGBT individuals — called the Pride Collaborative.

Collaborative and has
The plan has brought about another wave of campus constructions, including the erection the newly renamed Bioscience Research Collaborative building ( intended to foster collaboration with the adjacent Texas Medical Center ), a new recreational center and renovated basketball stadium, and the addition of two new residential colleges, Duncan College and McMurtry College.
Tharp has written three books: an early autobiography, Push Comes to Shove ( 1992 ; Bantam Books ); The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life ( 2003, Simon & Schuster ), translated into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Thai and Japanese ; “ The Collaborative Habit ” ( 2009, Simon & Schuster ), also translated into Thai, Chinese and Korean.
It has 37 teachers and has been affiliated with the West Virginia University Benedum Collaborative as a Professional Development School since 1997.
The Garden Resource Program Collaborative based in Detroit has cluster tool banks.
Collaborative filtering has two senses, a narrow one and a more general one.
A former nineteenth century army base, much of the Fort has been renovated and turned into a year-round, multi-use facility which houses several organizations that comprise of The Fort Worden Collaborative.
The field of library science has seen significant adoption of the term and librarians have been described by Bonnie Nardi as a " keystone species in information ecology ", and references to information ecology range as far afield as the Collaborative Digital Reference Service of the Library of Congress, to children's library database administrator in Russia.
Additionally, the University has created the Bethel Anti-Racism and Reconciliation Commission ( BAARC ) using materials and processes developed by the Minnesota Collaborative Anti-Racism Initiative ( MCARI ).
Collaborative intelligence is a term used in several disciplines, and has several different meanings.
In some disciplines, the definition of Collaborative Intelligence has much in common with Collective Intelligence, so it is useful to find distinguishing aspects.
Since 1998, the university has undertaken 12 very important national projects, such as Action Plan project " Multi-media Distance Education System and Project "; Education Ministry approved large project " the Demonstrate Project of Internet Education Based on Satellite and Terrestrial Networks "; " Tenth Five-Year Plan " key project " real-time teaching system "; National Science Fund project " Study of Individual and Interactive Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment " and " Study and Application of Personality Mining in E-Learning ".
Distributed cognition as a theory of learning, i. e. one in which the development of knowledge is attributed to the system of thinking agents interacting dynamically with artifacts, has been widely applied in the field of distance learning, especially in relation to Computer Supported Collaborative Learning ( CSCL ) and other computer-supported learning tools.
The Collaborative International Dictionary of English ( CIDE ) was derived from the 1913 Webster's Dictionary and has been supplemented with some of the definitions from WordNet.
In addition to his own books of poetry, Trinidad has edited Powerless, the selected poems of Tim Dlugos ( 1996 ), Holding Our Own: The Selected Poems of Ann Stanford ( with Maxine Scates, 2001 ), Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of Collaborative American Poetry ( with Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton, 2007 ), and A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos ( 2011 ).
" ISLS has a large worldwide membership, is affiliated with two international journals: " Journal of the Learning Sciences ", and " International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning ", and sponsors the biennial Computer Supported Collaborative Learning conference and International Conference of the Learning Sciences on alternate years.
* NSF Industrial University Collaborative Research Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems ( IMS ) at the University of Cincinnati is a leading research institute in PHM area and has won PHM Society Data Challenge in 2008 and 2009.
An early writer-in-the-schools with Teachers and Writers Collaborative, she has turned many of her experiences teaching writing into three books for teachers and writers ( Personal Fiction Writing, Deep Revision, and Blazing Pencils ) and three novels for children ( The Secret Super Powers of Marco, Marco's Monster, and Billie of Fish House Lane ).
" Since their foundation, Lybba has worked with such partners as the Collaborative Chronic Care Network ( C3N ), And Early Development Systems Initiative ( EDSI ).
The college has ten Bachelor of Fine Arts majors: Communication Design, Contemporary Animated Arts, General Fine Arts, Illustration, Intermedia, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Video and Sound ; and five Master's programs: a mentor-based MFA in Visual Studies, a Low-Residency MFA in Visual Studies, an MA in Critical Theory and Creative Research, an MFA in Applied Craft and Design, and an MFA in Collaborative Design.
She has taught in the public schools of New York City through Teachers & Writers Collaborative and has organized a symposium at Southampton College in memory of her father, who died in 1977.

Collaborative and been
Collaborative filtering methods have been applied to many different kinds of data including sensing and monitoring data-such as in mineral exploration, environmental sensing over large areas or multiple sensors ; financial data-such as financial service institutions that integrate many financial sources ; or in electronic commerce and web 2. 0 applications where the focus is on user data, etc.
In the Collaborative Initiative to Help End Chronic Homelessness ( CICH ), participants who had been homeless for an average of eight years were immediately placed into permanent housing.
Collaborative fiction can occur for commercial gain, as part of education, or recreationally-many collaboratively written works have been the subject of a large degree of academic research.

Collaborative and various
* Molecular Interactive Collaborative Environment ( MICE ) developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center – provides collaborative access and manipulation of complex, three-dimensional molecular models as captured in various scientific visualization programs ( Chin and Lansing, 2004 );

Collaborative and some
As some have pointed out, one of the most flagrant problems of the collaborative response was that “ abnegation of responsibility is possible because there is no formal responsibility apportioned to agencies under the Collaborative Response, and thus no accountability when agencies renege on their promises .” The cluster approach – the successor to the collaborative approach-tried to do away with this problem by designating individual agencies as ‘ sector leaders ’ to coordinate operations in specific areas to try to plug those newly identified gaps.
Collaborative filtering ( CF ) is a technique used by some recommender systems.
Collaborative scripts are used in nearly all cases of collaborative learning some of which are more suited for face-to-face collaborative learning — usually, more flexible — and others for computer-supported collaborative learning — typically, more constraining.

Collaborative and complete
< BR > Collaborative Problem-solving — working together in teams, formal and informal, to complete tasks and develop new knowledge ( such as through Wikipedia, alternative reality gaming, spoiling ).

Collaborative and substantial
CIFOR is a member of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests ( CPF ), a voluntary arrangement among 14 international organisations and secretariats with substantial programmes on forests.

Collaborative and all
The new Collaborative Research Center, all graduate student housing, the Greenbriar building, and the Wiess President's House are located off-campus.
Collaborative project management tools ( CPMT ) are very similar to collaborative management tools ( CMT ) except that CMT may only facilitate and manage a certain group activities for a part of a bigger project or task, while CPMT covers all detailed aspects of collaboration activities and management of the overall project and its related knowledge areas.
* Collaborative: Participants contribute to a shared proposal and shape it into a decision that meets the concerns of all group members as much as possible.
:* Collaborative process – voluntary and market driven development ( or approval ) following a transparent consensus driven process that is reasonably open to all interested parties.
* Podio – Collaborative platform for all types of business
There are also three high schools which all contain independent Sixth Form facilities and working together as part of the Maghull Collaborative.
Collaborative programs are open to all students enrolled in the MI and Ph. D. programs.
As of 2006, the University of Hamburg supports 6 Collaborative Research Centres ( German: Sonderforschungsbereiche ( SFB )), 6 Research Groups, 7 Research Training Groups ( all funded by the DFG ), 2 Max Planck Inter-national Research Schools, 13 Young Scientist Groups ( Emmy-Noether-Programme, BMBF, etc.
Collaborative database development provides the practical approach to leverage information resources for all coalition partners.
Collaborative TV production is possible, in which the directors, producers and editors, all of whom contribute to the post-production process, are able to work together remotely.

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