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Elmer and history
Both Alfred Harcourt and Donald Brace had written him enthusiastic praise of Elmer Gantry ( any changes could be made in proof, which was already coming from the printer ) and they had ordered 140,000 copies -- the largest first printing of any book in history.
Elmer writes in his history that the Sligo furnace was the most successful and continued longer than any other iron furnace in Missouri.
American and English history and literature, along with inspirational poetry, were of particular interest to Elmer, but as his interests expanded so did his reading and his library.
Rolvaag won the closest gubernatorial election in state history by defeating incumbent Elmer L. Andersen by just 91 votes out of over 1. 3 million cast.
It was a game filled with World Series firsts, as Elmer Smith became the first player in the Series history to hit a grand slam in the game's first inning.
Ralph Myles also reprinted Men Against the State, published a new book by Lawrence Dennis, reprinted a history of American anti-militarism by Arthur Ekirch, and brought several World War I revisionist books and a series of classic anarchist writings back into print, most notably No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner and In Quest of Truth and Justice by Harry Elmer Barnes.

Elmer and reports
However, according to the memoir of ex-security service chief P. G Vinges, Birger Elmer had regular contact with Palme and made his reports regularly to the Social Democratic Party secretary, Sven Andersson.

Elmer and when
He telephoned L. M. Birkhead and asked him and his wife to come to Europe as his guests, but Birkhead declined on the grounds that one of them must be in the United States when Elmer Gantry was published.
Director Ida Lupino was a noted actress who began directing when Elmer Clifton got sick and couldn't finish the film he was directing for Filmways, the company started by Lupino and her husband Collier Young to make low-budget issue-oriented movies.
Portions of the township were taken on March 4, 1822 to form Centreville Township ( which was restored in 1829 when the Centreville was dissolved ), on March 10, 1846 to form Upper Pittsgrove Township and on January 28, 1893 to form Elmer Borough.
The first attempt to get national ballot initiatives occurred in 1907 when House Joint Resolution 44 was introduced by Rep. Elmer Fulton of Oklahoma ; the proposal was never put to a vote.
Smith was born in Charleston, South Carolina ; he started traveling with Medicine Shows when young and went into Vaudeville where he performed in an acts with Elmer Bowman and Jimmy Durante.
Sam is significantly tougher and more aggressive than Elmer Fudd when challenging Bugs Bunny.
He was seven years old when his parents divorced, after which he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Jim Elmer.
Two other sections of the canal were piped underground: one in Trenton when the Trenton Freeway ( U. S. Route 1 ) was constructed in 1952, and the other in New Brunswick when the Elmer Boyd Parkway Extension ( Route 18 ) was constructed in 1984.
Roberts was only successful in gaining attention to the project when State Senator Elmer S. Rigdon, a member of the California Senate Committee on Roads and Highways, promoted the military necessity of defending California's coast.
During the winter of 1925, when Elmer was fifteen, his mother contracted a cold that developed into pneumonia.
One of Elmer Andersen's proudest achievements came in April 1975, when the U. S. Congress passed the legislation establishing Voyageurs National Park — thousands of acres of forests and lakes along Minnesota's northern border.
And when he discovered something new, like the Whittington Press, Elmer made sure that the University owned the entire printer's archive.
This was followed by " I Gopher You " in 1954, featuring the Gophers in their first cartoon without the dog, attempting to retrieve their vegetables from a food processing plant ; " Pests for Guests " in 1955, which has the gophers counter-antagonize the helpless Elmer Fudd when he buys a chest of drawers that they found appropriate for nut storage ; and " Lumber Jerks " later that year, where the Gophers visit a saw mill in an attempt to retrieve their stolen tree home.
The world record was set in September 2007 when a pintail drake and Canada goose, both by A. Elmer Crowell sold for 1. 13 million apiece.
The current world record was set when two decoys ( Canada goose and a preening pintail drake ) by A. Elmer Crowell of East Harwich, MA were sold for $ 1. 13 million dollars each on September 19, 2007 by Stephen O ' Brien Jr. Fine Arts, in what O ' Brien describes as " the largest private sale of decoys ever.
Lupino claims she “… did not set out to be a director ,” but it was a reality she had to face when her first directing job came unexpectedly in 1949 when Elmer Clifton suffered a mild heart attack and could not finish Not Wanted, a film she co-produced and co-wrote.
Never ones to commit a murder when a vile atrocity would do, the Angels were led by the father of the Angel family, Elmer " Pa " Angel, and included three of his four sons:
Bugs and Daffy flee playfully around the museum, leaping through various famous paintings until Elmer is defeated by Bugs via a fan when he jumps out of a Pointillism painting.
While initially planning to shoot at a natural predator, Elmer abandons these plans when he hears a wolf howl.
The whole area of Elmer used to be farmland until the housing drive of the postwar years when the Elmer Sands Estate was constructed.
A chase scene involves a path completely under the snow that ends when Elmer crashes into a pine tree.

Elmer and courthouse
The Marion County brick courthouse was erected in 1914, architect Elmer George Withers.
The current Carroll County courthouse was designed by Elmer E. Dunlap of Indianapolis, who also designed the Spencer County courthouse.

Elmer and was
Lancaster was nominated four times for Academy Awards and won once — for his work in Elmer Gantry in 1960.
Joseph Elmer Yoakum ( February 22, 1889 – December 25, 1972 ) was a self-taught landscape artist of African-American and Native American descent, who drew landscapes in a highly individual style.
Voight was born in Yonkers, New York, the son of Barbara ( née Kamp ; 1910 – 1995 ) and Elmer Voight ( né Voytka ; 1909 – 1973 ), a professional golfer.
The third and latest stop motion short in stereo 3D was The Incredible Invasion of the 20, 000 Giant Robots from Outer Space in 2000 by Elmer Kaan and Alexander Lentjes.
The film's musical score was composed by Elmer Bernstein.
The group was called Elmer Snowden and his Black Sox Orchestra and had seven members, including James " Bubber " Miley.
The American Elmer Sperry followed with his own design later that year, and other nations soon realized the military importance of the invention — in an age in which naval prowess was the most significant measure of military power — and created their own gyroscope industries.
According to Peter Elmer and Ole Peter Grell, " Guy de Chauliac ( 1298-1368 ) was one of the most eminent surgeons of the Middle Ages.
Daffy starred in the 3-D short Daffy's Rhapsody with Elmer Fudd that was originally set to premiere before Happy Feet Two but instead it debuted prior to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.
It appears in the short Daffy Rhapsody featuring Daffy and Elmer that was shown prior to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.
The 11th New York was initially led by Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth, until his death in 1861.
Also popular was Zaner-Bloser Script, introduced by Charles Paxton Zaner ( 15 February 1864 – 1 December 1918 ) and Elmer Ward Bloser ( 6 November 1865 – 1929 ) of the Zanerian Business College.
It was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Sound Recording ( Elmer A. Raguse ), Best Musical Score, Best Original Score.
Two months later, Mulroney entered Parliament as the MP for Central Nova in Nova Scotia, winning a by-election in what was then considered a safe Tory seat after Elmer MacKay stood down in his favour.
Miller was born on a farm in Clarinda, Iowa, to Lewis Elmer Miller and Mattie Lou ( née Cavender ).
The cartoon's plot was essentially replicated in one of Jones ' later cartoons, Rabbit Rampage ( 1955 ), in which Bugs Bunny turns out to be the victim of the silly animator ( Elmer Fudd ).
Not coincidentally, the NFL commissioner at this time was Elmer Layden, another of Knute Rockne's legendary 1924 backfield.
Cellist Fred Katz and Hamilton wrote a score for the movie, which was ultimately rejected in favor of one by Elmer Bernstein.
This was the season that the " Punch Line " was formed with Richard, Elmer Lach and Toe Blake.
Spencer was assisted by R. R. Parker, Bill Gettinger, Henry Cowan, Henry Greenup, Elmer Greenup, Gene Hughes, Salsbury, and Kerlee, et al.

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