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was and working
Gavin's stallion was in the barn and he tightened the cinches over the saddle blanket, working by touch in the darkness, comforting the animal with easy words.
He seemed very pleased with himself, as though some intricate scheme was working out exactly as he had planned.
She was glad, completely and unselfishly glad, to see that things were working out the right way for both Sally and Dan.
A phony blonde hanging onto a bygone youth and beauty, but irreparably stringy in the neck, she was already working on her second gin and tonic, though it was not yet ten A.M.
It was Baker, working through Provost Marshal Enoch Crowder and Major Hugh S. ( `` Old Ironpants '' ) Johnson, who arranged for a secret printing by the million of selective service blanks -- again before the Act was passed -- until corridors in the Government Printing Office were full and the basement of the Washington Post Office was stacked to the ceiling.
But his rancor did not cease, and presently, on March 13, when he preached a sermon on the text, `` And Ben-hadad Was Drunk '', he told his congregation how disappointed he was in Mr. Lewis, how he regretted having had him in his house, and how he should have been warned by the fact that the novelist was drunk all the time that he was working on the book.
The bank which held the mortgage on the old church declared that the interest was considerably in arrears, and the real estate people said flatly that the land across the river was being held for an eventual development for white working people who were coming in, and that none would be sold to colored folk.
The arrangement with Argiento was working well, except that sometimes Michelangelo could not figure who was master and who apprentice.
When they first married he had been working in the fields all day, and she would get in the car and drive to wherever he was working, to take him a fresh hot meal.
The doctor's mind was working at a great speed ; ;
After trimming off the excess on the frames and transom which was used to fasten them to the jig at a working height, the top of the side planking is installed.
In working out the practical legal conclusions President Waters was not thinking only of this pilot project, for it is planned to duplicate this program or system in other builder developments nationally.
Carpenters all wanted steady work and at the moment every mother's son for twenty miles around that could hammer nails for twenty-five dollars a day was working on the school job.
He said he was the lonely type and working in a cellar you saw funny things coming out of the cracks in the wall if they wasn't nobody with you.
he was working with species of Java, so perhaps some tropical snakes are unusual in this respect.
The position of receptionist was opened in a large office and an announcement was made to the other girls already working that they could apply for this job which had higher prestige and slightly higher salary than typing and clerking positions.

was and purchase
The purchase was effected and they made their way towards the hotel again, the hen, with whom some sort of communication had been set up, nestling in the doctor's arms.
It embraced determining when to purchase and when to trade vehicles, who was to drive, when and where repairs were to be made, where gasoline and automobile services were to be obtained and other allied matters.
In many others, the previous patenting of land under the public land laws, or the way in which land was available for purchase, resulted in a scattered pattern of ownership.
There was a time when, if a man wanted to purchase a boat, it was necessary for him to be able to produce a sizeable amount of cash before he could touch the tiller or wheel.
Each was told to purchase material if he felt like it.
But whenever a major purchase was contemplated forty years ago -- a new bedroom set or a winter coat, an Easter bonnet, a bicycle for Junior -- the family set off for the downtown department store, where the selection would be greatest.
In the famous Danbury Hatters case, a suit was brought against the union by the Loewe Company for monopolistic practices, e.g., trying to persuade consumers not to purchase the product of the struck manufacturer.
The money raised by the sale was expended in the purchase of stores for the support of the communities, and what was over was devoted to charity.
Alcott, however, was still in debt and could not purchase the land needed for their planned community.
Johnson's purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867 was his most important foreign policy action.
Seward also negotiated to purchase the Danish West Indies, but the Senate refused to approve the purchase in 1867 ( it eventually was accomplished in 1917 ).
The most positive accomplishment during his Administration was the purchase of Alaska from Russia, though this was probably due more to the efforts of William H. Seward than President Johnson.
Allotment therefore was seen as a means to prevent the corrupt purchase of votes and it gave citizens a unique form of political equality as all had an equal chance of obtaining government office.
With the purchase of NeXT and subsequent development of Mac OS X, AppleTalk was strictly a legacy system.
As an example, if one was trying to profit from a price discrepancy between IBM on the NYSE and IBM on the London Stock Exchange, they may purchase a large number of shares on the NYSE and find that they cannot simultaneously sell on the LSE.
While the Minas Gerais was not considered likely to be replaced until the next century, it was nonetheless decommissioned in 2001 following the purchase of the French aircraft carrier Foch.
As of July 2002, the fate of the Minas Gerais was still unknown, with China having reportedly made a surprise bid for its purchase.
The version with Bardot was issued in 1986 and became a popular download hit in 2006 when Universal Records made its back catalogue available to purchase online, with this version of the song ranking as the third most popular download.
Even as these intrigues played out, Disraeli was working with the Bentinck family to secure the necessary financing to purchase Hughenden Manor, in Buckinghamshire.

was and ledger
in an instant the doctor was stalking across the room with an antique ledger in his hands, thoroughly eared and big as a table top.
The ledger was full of most precise information: date of laying, length of incubation period, number of chick reaching the first week, second week, fifth week, weight of hen, size of rooster's wattles and so on, all scrawled out in a hand that looked more Chinese than English, the most jagged and sprawling Alex had ever seen.
On the other side of the ledger is the fact that he did see his niece and the woman with whom she was staying.
The Sensimatic developed into the Sensitronic which could store balances on a magnetic stripe which was part of the ledger card.
But the customhouse would say that the value of imports exceeded that of exports and was trade deficit against the ledger of France.
A notable contribution to the profession of accounting was the improvement of the general ledger system through the development of the double-entry bookkeeping system for tracking credits and debits.
That year, following gambling losses he was obliged to note John Aspinall-I owe you £ 173, 500 in the accountant's ledger.
She also found a 1734 notation made by Robert Morris the elder in the ledger of the expenses of Robert Morris the younger, who was at the time in Philadelphia, for " one fountain pen ".
Although ledger lines are found occasionally in manuscripts of plainchant and early polyphony, it was only in the early 16th century in keyboard music that their use became at all extensive ( Anon.
Vocal music employed a variety of different clefs to keep the range of the part on the staff as much as possible ; in keyboard notation a common way of avoiding ledger lines was the use of " open score " on four staves with different clefs ( Godwin 1974, 16 – 17 ).
The last entry made in the ledger was Nov. 3, 1873, the sinking of the shaft was abandoned with no reason given.
A ledger was found in Hauptmann's home of all his financial transactions, yet no record of the alleged $ 7, 500 debt was listed.
He started work as a junior clerk in the ledger department of a City firm, but was made redundant after pressing his fellow clerks to join a trade union.
Shortly after his marriage to Sophie Levene on 22 April 1937, Brown was employed as a ledger clerk with the Transport and General Workers Union, and appointed District Organiser for Watford the next year.
Although several multi-user commercial packages ( e. g. sales and purchase ledger systems ) were developed and trialled with customers, this was not commercially successful, and the service was soon withdrawn.
Alexander was in possession of these works until they were interred with the artist's sister at her death, but he had the Bull's ledger book drawings photographed and published.
He was also to keep a ledger over the students and keep guard over incarcerated students.
Certain forecasts for London called for showers sometime during the weekend, which, it was thought, might wipe up to a day of action or more from the ledger.
Certain forecasts for London called for showers sometime during the weekend, which, it was thought, might wipe up to a day of action or more from the ledger.
As Macarthur was debilitated towards the end of his life with mental illness his son William seems to have administered much of the building, and is named in Verge's ledger rather than his father.
On the other side of the ledger, by 1861 Delaware College was forced to close due to a lack of funds, aggravated by a brutal unsolved murder on the campus.

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