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same and year
In sixteen states, the fiscal year ending of the cities ( June 30 ) is the same as that of the state: Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Hawaii ).
When towns have the same fiscal year it is relatively easy to make meaningful comparisons ; ;
Under this plan both Cranston and Providence would be on the uniform fiscal year but would still be using the same installment periods.
For the States which maintain two separate agencies -- one for the vocational rehabilitation of the blind, and one for the rehabilitation of persons other than the blind -- the Act specifies that their minimum ( base ) allotment shall be divided between the two agencies in the same proportion as it was divided in fiscal year 1954.
Separate phonographs also had a good year, reflecting the growing popularity of stereo sound and the same tendency on the part of the consumer to upgrade that characterized the radio-TV market.
It doesn't really matter which month of the year you sow them, but they germinate best when they have a wide variation of temperature, very warm followed by cool in the same 24 hours.
The Thayer School offers a year of postgraduate study in somewhat the same way, after a boy wins a B.S. in engineering.
`` In the same five year period that the United States says they ( the detectives ) were engaged in this conspiracy '', Sokol continued, `` these three young men received a total of 26 creditable mentions and many special compensations, and were nominated for the Lambert Tree award and the mayor's medal ''.
the second, the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks ( who later called themselves Communists ) in November of the same year.
That same year the University of California's Dr. Laurance Kinsell, timing oxidation rates of blood fats, stumbled onto the discovery that many vegetable fats cause blood cholesterol levels to drop radically, while animal fats cause them to rise.
That same year, first parliamentary and presidential elections were held.
Later in the same year Henry Moseley provided additional experimental evidence in favor of Niels Bohr's theory.
In 1930 the Lauberhorn Rennen ( Lauberhorn Race ), was run for the first time on the Lauberhorn above Wengen ; the equally demanding Hahnenkamm was first run in the same year in Kitzbühl, Austria.
April ends on the same day of the week as December every year.
August ends on the same day of the week as November every year.
During January – February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with Russia and other former Soviet republics was $ 205. 6 million ( double the amount from the same period the previous year ), making them the country ’ s number one trading partner.
The Armenian government collected 383. 5 billion drams ($ 1. 26 billion ) in various taxes in the first nine months of 2008 ( a 33. 2 percent increase from the same period last year ).
In October 2008 the Russian bank Gazprombank, the banking arm of Gazprom, acquired 100 percent of Armenian bank Areximbank after previously buying 80 percent of said bank in November 2007 and 94. 15 percent in July of the same year.
On 31 December 1809, a decree of King Maximilian of Bavaria granted the city a new coat of arms, as a recognition of their ( mainly humanitarian and logistic ) services in the Battle of Abensberg the same year.
A year later, in 1931, Dirac modified his theory and postulated the positron, a new particle of the same mass as the electron.
Aachen was chosen as the site of several important congresses and peace treaties: the first congress of Aachen ( often referred to as Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle in English ) in 1668, leading to the First Treaty of Aachen in the same year which ended the War of Devolution.
* Aga Khan III, " Memoirs of Aga Khan: World Enough and Time ", London: Cassel & Company, 1954 ; published same year in the United States by Simon & Schuster.
His prudence and heroism preserved an un-walled Sparta against the revolts and conspiracies of helots, perioeci and even Spartans, and against her enemies, four different armies led by Epaminondas, that penetrated Laconia that same year, and again in 362 BC when they all but succeeded in seizing the city by a rapid and unexpected march.
The same year he was appointed secretary of the Congregation super negotiis ecclesiae extraordinariis.

same and Synod
Orosius succeeded only in obtaining John's consent to send letters and deputies to Pope Innocent I of Rome ; and, after having waited long enough to learn the unfavourable decision of the Synod of Diospolis ( Lydda ) in December of the same year, he returned to North Africa,
Under the Church of England Assembly ( Powers ) Act 1919 a Measure of the General Synod of the Church of England becomes law once it has received Royal Assent in the same way as an Act of Parliament.
" The Second Israelitish Synod, held in Augsburg ( 1871 ), passed a resolution to the same effect, adding that " For the sake of liberty of conscience, however, no rabbi will refuse, on request of the parties, to conduct the ceremony of halizah in a proper form.
It appeared the same year in two Latin editions, four French, one German and one English, and in the Eastern Church started a controversy which culminated in 1672 with the convocation by Dositheos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, of the Synod of Jerusalem by which the Calvinistic doctrines were condemned.
In England, the Synod of Worcester ( 1240 ) stipulated three sponsors ( two of the same sex and one of the opposite ), and this has remained the norm in the Church of England.
However, this " rule " is now delegated to the General Synod of the Church of England, relegating the Crown to a ceremonial role, in much the same way political powers of that Throne are actually exercised by Parliament and the ministries of Parliament.
To help the States decide a disputation between two six-man teams of Arminians and Gomarists was held before the States in July 1610, in which the Gomarists presented a " Counter-Remonstrance ", in which they gave their arguments against the Remonstrants ' doctrinal position, at the same time asking the States to back off, and leave the matter to a National Synod.
Metropolitan Atanasie Anghel and his Holy Synod took this course to obtain for the Romanians of Transylvania ( then a Principauté vasal to the Hapsburg Empire ) the same rights as those of the other Transylvanian nations, which were part of the Unio Trium Nationum ( the Hungarian nobility, the Transylvanian Saxons and the Székely ).
The Holy Synod was the highest authority in the Greek Church and had the same rights and duties as its Russian model, and was named in the liturgy instead of a patriarch.
The Standing Synod is under the same presidency, and consists of the Primate and 12 bishops, each serving for one term on a rotating basis and deals with details of administration.
The Synod of Trullo laid down that bishops should preach on all days, especially on Sundays ; and, by the same synod, bishops who preached outside their own diocese were reduced to the status of priests, because being desirous of another's harvest they were indifferent to their own -- " ut qui alienæ messis appetentes essent, suæ incuriosi ".
On the same day, there was an announcement of the Patriarchal and the Assembly's Tomos for Autonomy of the Ohrid Archbishopric, with Archbishop Jovan as the Chairman of the Holy Synod of Bishops.
He admitted Congregationalists and Baptists to the Synod he operated 1850-64, and in 1856 ordained two Lutherans, regarding the Lutheran questions and Confession, which he used on the occasion, as the same in substance with those of the British Presbyterians.
' The Basis did not give the Church of Scotland any legislative or judicial jurisdiction, but the Synod was committed to the same doctrinal basis as the Church of Scotland.
The school was brought to life by the actions of three groups, all working together to the same ends ; the Hong Kong Government ( which granted land and interest free loans ), a group of American businessmen and representatives of the educational arm of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
Three years later, Sergei Rachmaninoff used the same hymn in his All-Night Vigil, composed in 1915 and performed in Moscow, also by the Synod Choir.
At the same meeting of the Holy Synod, it was announced that Archimandrite Elisey of the Russian Spiritual Mission in Jerusalem would be consecrated Bishop of Bogorodsky, to serve as an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Korsun, with responsibility for the administration of the Diocese of Sourozh.
It emerged the same year that despite Christodoulos ' claims that he had no knowledge of nor involvement with human rights violations by the Greek military junta of 1967-1974, because those seven years he was busy studying to become a priest, he had been present in the swearing-in ceremony of the new regime while he held the office of Arch-Secretary of the " Holy Synod ", the collective council of Metropolitan bishops of the Church of Greece.
XXIV, runs: " That the faithful may approach the Sacraments with greater reverence and devotion, the Holy Synod charges all the bishops about to administer them to explain their operation and use in a way adapted to the understanding of the people ; to see, moreover, that their parish priests observe the same rule piously and prudently, making use for their explanations, where necessary and convenient, of the vernacular tongue ; and conforming to the form to be prescribed by the Holy Synod in its instructions ( catechesis ) for the several Sacraments: the bishops shall have these instructions carefully translated into the vulgar tongue and explained by all parish priests to their flocks.
A General Synod of the most grave, pious, learned and judicious divines of this island, assisted with some from foreign parts professing the same religion with us, who may consider all things necessary for the peace and good government of the Church.
This doctrine was formulated after the Great Schism took place, and the Eastern Orthodox churches have never formally affirmed or denied it, preferring to state simply that it is a " Mystery ", while at the same time using, as in the 1672 Synod of Jerusalem, language that might look similar as to one that is used by the Roman Catholic Church.

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