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court and injunction
In 1913 an abortive provision was made for the stay of federal injunction proceedings upon institution of state court test cases.
However, certain critical interlocutory court orders, such as the denial of a request for an interim injunction, or an order holding a person in contempt of court, can be appealed immediately although the case may otherwise not have been fully disposed of.
Barred by a court injunction from playing baseball in the state of Pennsylvania the next year, Lajoie was traded to the Cleveland team, where he played and managed for many years.
A federal appeals court denied the plaintiffs an injunction ( Suntrust v. Houghton Mifflin ) against publication on the basis that the book was parody and therefore protected by the First Amendment.
As the launch of Galileo neared, anti-nuclear groups, concerned over what they perceived as an unacceptable risk to the public's safety from Galileo's RTGs, sought a court injunction prohibiting Galileo's launch.
This pattern was also found in his court appearances: when a judge challenged him to remove his hat, Fox riposted by asking where in the Bible such an injunction could be found.
* Final Judgment in U. S. v. Microsoft ( injunction including final settlement terms approved by the court ) ( note that the copy posted on the district court's web site is actually an earlier version that the court declined to approve ).
* May override a court injunction against an administrative act upon showing of cause.
In 1869, Genesee College obtained New York State approval to move to Syracuse, but Lima got a court injunction to block the move, and Genesee stayed in Lima until it was dissolved in 1875.
Republicans took the issue to court and the Marion County Circuit Court granted an injunction removing the constitution from the 1912 ballot.
Silvertone owners Zomba Records took out an injunction against the band in September 1990 to prevent them from recording with any other label, but in May 1991 the court sided with the group, which was then released from its contract.
Barred by a court injunction from playing baseball in the state of Pennsylvania the following year, Lajoie was traded to the Cleveland team, where he played and managed for many years .< ref name =" nap ">
An injunction is an equitable remedy in the form of a court order that requires a party to do or refrain from doing specific acts.
A TRO usually lasts while a motion for preliminary injunction is being decided, and the court decides whether to drop the order or to issue a preliminary injunction.
After the United States government successfully used an injunction to outlaw the Pullman boycott in 1894 in In re Debs, employers found that they could obtain federal court injunctions to ban strikes and organizing activities of all kinds by unions.
These injunctions were often extremely broad ; one injunction issued by a federal court in the 1920s effectively barred the United Mine Workers of America from talking to workers who had signed yellow dog contracts with their employers.
Unable to limit what they called " government by injunction " in the courts, labor and its allies persuaded the Congress of the United States in 1932 to pass the Norris-LaGuardia Act, which imposed so many procedural and substantive limits on the federal courts ' power to issue injunctions that it was an effective prohibition on federal court injunctions in cases arising out of labor disputes.
Before it could be challenged in court, the injunction was then varied to permit reporting of the question.
An estimated $ 80-million worth of property was damaged, and Debs was found guilty of contempt of court for violating the injunction and sent to federal prison.
Litigants would go ‘ jurisdiction shopping ’ and often would seek an equitable injunction prohibiting the enforcement of a common law court order.
However, in general, a litigant cannot obtain equitable relief unless there is " no adequate remedy at law "; that is, a court will not grant an injunction unless monetary damages are an insufficient remedy for the injury in question.
The Act was a complete failure: only one panel was ever convened under the Act, and that one, in the case of the 1894 Pullman Strike, issued its report only after the strike had been crushed by a federal court injunction backed by federal troops.

court and was
The Rule of Law, historically a principle according everyone his `` day in court '' before an impartial tribunal, was broadened substantively by making it a responsibility of government to promote individual welfare.
He advised the poor woman not to appear in court as what she was charged with was not in violation of law.
Gorton appeared for her, however, and what he told the magistrates must have been plenty, for he was charged with deluding the court, fined, and told to leave the colony within fourteen days.
`` On trial in Jakarta for having flown for the Indonesian anti-Communist insurgents, U.S. pilot Alan Lawrence Pope boldly told the court that in supporting the freedom fighters, he was actually defending the sovereignty and independence of Indonesia.
Now, when everything was opening up to him -- even the court of Louis 15!!
Counsel for the Government invited Du Pont's views on this proposal before recommending a specific program, but stated that if the court desired, or if counsel for Du Pont thought further discussion would not be profitable, the Government was prepared to submit a plan within thirty days.
If, in the trustee's judgment, `` reasonable market conditions '' did not prevail during any given year, he was to be allowed to petition the court for an extension of time within the ten-year period.
Du Pont would be enjoined from having as a director, officer, or employee anyone who was simultaneously an officer or employee of General Motors, and no director, officer, or employee of Du Pont could serve as a director of General Motors without court approval.
In the grand court of the Palace, notable for its tiers of Moorish galleries that looked down on the maelstrom of vehicles below, Vernon's station was at the entrance.
Not only were the court costs prohibitive, but I was subjected to crippling fines, in addition to usurious interest on the unpaid `` debts '' which the government claimed that Metronome and I owed -- a severe financial blow.
When a witness at court was asked if he had been kicked in the ensuing rumpus, he replied, `` No, it was in the stomach ''.
Its enforcement was enjoined by a federal trial court.
But it is crucial that here, unlike Burford, the trial court was ordered to retain the case until the state courts had had a reasonable opportunity to settle the state-law question.
The action was a result of a court order, the citation for which ( and for other court action mentioned in this paper ) is taken from the Summary Report for this Conference.
The judge became ill just as the Colfax District Court convened, no substitute was brought in, no criminal cases heard, only 5 out of 122 cases docketed were tried, and court adjourned sine die after sitting a few days instead of the usual three weeks.
First thing I did after my twenty-first birthday was go into court and have it officially changed, and this is something I don't tell everybody.
Several defendants in the Summerdale police burglary trial made statements indicating their guilt at the time of their arrest, Judge James B. Parsons was told in Criminal court yesterday.
Mrs. Clayton Nairne, whose daughter, was among the court maids, chose a deep greenish blue lace gown.
The announcement that the secrets of the Dreadnought had been stolen was made in Bow St. police court here at the end of a three day hearing.
The trial will be held, probably the first week of March, in the famous Old Bailey central criminal court where Klaus Fuchs, the naturalized British German born scientist who succeeded in giving American and British atomic bomb secrets to Russia and thereby changed world history during the 1950s, was sentenced to 14 years in prison.
The charge that the federal indictment of three Chicago narcotics detail detectives `` is the product of rumor, combined with malice, and individual enmity '' on the part of the federal narcotics unit here was made yesterday in their conspiracy trial before Judge Joseph Sam Perry in federal District court.

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