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pectoral and musculature
The four species of ajolote are unusual in having a pair of forelimbs, but all limbless species have some remnants of the pelvic and pectoral girdles embedded within the body musculature.

pectoral and is
The pectoral girdle is supported by muscle and the well developed pelvic girdle is attached to the backbone by a pair of sacral ribs.
The abbess also traditionally adds a pectoral cross to the outside of her habit as a symbol of office, though she continues to wear a modified form of her religious habit or dress, as she is unordained-not a male religious-and so does not vest or use choir dress in the liturgy.
The use of acellular human or animal dermal grafts have been described as an onlay patch to increase coverage of the implant when the pectoral muscle is released, which purports to improve both functional and aesthtic outcomes of implant-expander breast reconstruction.
A cardinal who is not a bishop is still entitled to wear and use the episcopal vestments and other pontificalia ( episcopal regalia: mitre, crozier, zucchetto, pectoral cross and ring ).
The pectoral fins are movable and used in maneuvering ; the dorsal fin is fixed and contributes stability, and the tail is used for propulsion, as well as maneuvering.
If a pectoral cross has been awarded it is usually worn with street clothes in the Russian tradition, but not so often in the Greek tradition.
* The West is rich in burial mounds of sand that the Wolof refer to as mbanaar, which translates to " graves ", A solid gold pectoral of mass 191 g has also been discovered near Saint-Louis.
This classification is based on such morphological features as the number of vertebrae, the structure of the pectoral girdle and the morphology of tadpoles.
The first sign is trismus, or lockjaw, and the facial spasms called risus sardonicus, followed by stiffness of the neck, difficulty in swallowing, and rigidity of pectoral and calf muscles.
The spiny first dorsal fin is normally folded back in a groove, as are its pectoral fins.
In the case of loose, trailing line, it is possible for the line to cut its way into the fleshy appendages of a manta as it swims, eventually resulting in irreversible injuries such as loss of cephalic fins and damage to pectoral fins, or even death if the wounds are severe enough.
When a male is courting a female, he will follow her closely, biting at her pectoral disc.
Additionally, the gel form is used in bandages and dressings, energy bracelets, breast implants, testicle implants, pectoral implants, contact lenses, and a variety of other medical uses.
Another notable anatomical adaptation among beaked whales is a slight depression in the body wall that allows them to hold their pectoral flippers tightly against their bodies for increased streamlining.
The species is divided into several subspecies, based primarily on colour differences, particularly of the pectoral band.
The dorsal fin is reduced to a tiny triangle, and the pectoral fins are longer than the head.
The appendicular skeleton ( 126 bones ) is formed by the pectoral girdles ( 4 ), the upper limbs ( 60 ), the pelvic girdle ( 2 ), and the lower limbs ( 60 ).
The only gill opening is a vertical slit, directly above the pectoral fins.
It makes up part of the shoulder and the pectoral girdle and is palpable in all people, and, in people who have less fat in this region, the location of the bone is clearly visible as it creates a bulge in the skin.
Its counterpart in the pectoral girdle is the glenoid fossa.

pectoral and also
Otariids, also known as eared seals, differ from true seals in having external ear flaps, and proportionately larger foreflippers and pectoral muscles.
The gill chamber was bound posteriorly by a stout cleithrum bone, also functioning as anchoring for the pectoral fins.
* Compared to a tautog or cunner, its mouth is much larger, also the caudal fin, pectoral fin, and soft portion ( 11 rays ) of dorsal fin as long as spiny portion.
** A peculiar function of pectoral fins, highly developed in some fish, is the creation of the dynamic lifting force that assists some fish, such as sharks, in maintaining depth and also enables the " flight " for flying fish. Bigeye tuna Thunnus obesus showing finlets and keels. Drawing by Dr Tony Ayling
Their pectoral fins are quite small ; as a result they steer mostly with their dorsal and anal fins, which makes them very maneuverable, and they also use these fins to move with an exotic type of propulsion reminiscent of a propellor.
Peale's Dolphin also shares with several Cephalorhynchus species the possession of a distinct white " armpit " marking behind the pectoral fin.
Peale's dolphin also shares with several Cephalorhynchus species the possession of a distinct white " armpit " marking behind the pectoral fin.
Peale's Dolphin also shares with several Cephalorhynchus species the possession of a distinct white " armpit " marking behind the pectoral fin.
Their pectoral fins are slender and also greatly elongated.
The pectoral fins are also quite large, and like the much smaller tail fin, rounded.
A courting male may also bite the female behind her gills or on her pectoral fins ; these mating wounds heal completely after 4 – 6 weeks.
The pectoralis major receives dual motor innervation by the medial pectoral nerve and the lateral pectoral nerve, also known as the lateral anterior thoracic nerve.
Pain can also be in the side of the neck, the pectoral area below the clavicle, the axillary area, and the upper back ( i. e. the trapezius and rhomboid area ).
The pectoral fins are also longer than the related bluefin tuna, but not as long as those of the albacore.
The pectoral and pelvic fins are also very long and thin, almost spaghetti-like.
Noticeable signs of Muscular Dystrophy also include the lack of pectoral and upper arm muscles, especially when the disease is unnoticed through the early teen years ( some men are not diagnosed with BMD until they are in their thirties ).
also studied the relatively short clavicle and the unusual formation of the pectoral girdle.
With the help of the suckermouth, which anchor the fishes, in conjunction with the arched design of pectoral and pelvic fin spines, they are also able to remain upright while exploring this substratum.
The presence of the pectoral bar is also considered an advanced feature.
The pope's ordinary dress ( also called house dress ), which is worn for daily use outside of liturgical functions, consists of a white simar ( cassock with a shoulder cape attached to it ) girded with the fringed white fascia ( often with the papal coat of arms embroidered on it ), the pectoral cross suspended from a gold cord, the red papal shoes, and the white zucchetto.
It also has concentric contrasting white and dark grey lines that radiate around the eyes and pectoral fins, and this pattern gave rise to its alternate name stars and stripes puffer.

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