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We and learned
`` Dear Doctors: We learned this year that our older son, Daniel, is autistic.
We have learned a lot -- a dash of hydrochemistry here, a bit about plumbing and pump-priming there.
We may say that his attitude was foolish, since he may have been a success had he learned some human relations skills ; ;
We have learned from earthquakes much of what we now know about the earth's interior, for they send waves through the earth which emerge with information about the materials through which they have traveled.
We had tea at Mr. Washizu's home where I learned that he, too, comes from a very wealthy family.
We have learned much about interstellar drives since a hundred years ago ; ;
We would dismiss it with some portentous words of Sir Kenelm Digby, in his observations on Browne's religio Medici: ' I have much ado to believe what he speaketh confidently ; that he is more beholding to Morpheus for learned and rational as well as pleasing dreams, than to Mercury for smart and facetious conceptions '.
We can evidence historical confusion on this point from Abu Ma ' shar's subsequent remark “ It is sometimes said that the very learned man who wrote the book of astrology also wrote the book of the Almagest.
All learned men and doctors of divinity say that God created it in the beginning ; but it is not so: the very idea lessens man in my estimation ... We say that God Himself is a self-existing being ... Man does exist upon the same principles ... Bible does not say in the Hebrew that God created the spirit of man.
George Howell wrote to Gladstone on 12 February: " There is one lesson to be learned from this Election, that is Organization ... We have lost not by a change of sentiment so much as by want of organised power ".
After the harsh meeting with Bell and other church leaders, and near the end of Tyndale's time at Little Sodbury, John Foxe describes an argument with a " learned " but " blasphemous " clergyman, who had asserted to Tyndale that, " We had better be without God's laws than the Pope's.
" We have learned a lot from past experience ," Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Daimler's board, said in a statement.
We know it is a later Rome because the emperor is routinely called Caesar ; because the characters are constantly alluding to Tarquin, Lucretia, and Brutus, suggesting that they learned about Brutus ' new founding of Rome from the same literary sources we do, Livy and Plutarch.
He recalled " We did parodies and sketches, we would double up on ( characters ), so you learned to switch between voices.
We had through the five years government learned to respect and appreciate our king and now, through his words, he came to us as a great man, just and forceful ; a leader in these fatal times to our country ".
We Afghans have learned from our historical experiences that liberty does not come easily.
We have learned a lot from experience about how to handle some of the ways we fool ourselves.
Soon after he returned, he learned of the death of King Baldwin III of Jerusalem, and out of respect for such a formidable opponent he refrained from attacking the crusader kingdom: William of Tyre reports that Nur ad-Din said " We should sympathize with their grief and in pity spare them, because they have lost a prince such as the rest of the world does not possess today.
" We haven't even learned them that well due to the way the record was pieced together.
During the Presidential Campaign of Henry A. Wallace, " We Will Overcome " was printed in Bulletin No. 3 ( Sept., 1948 ), 8, of People's Songs with an introduction by Horton saying that she had learned it from the interracial Congress of Industrial Organizations ( CIO ) Food and Tobacco Workers ' Union workers and had found it to be extremely powerful.
The group toured West Germany and appeared on television, and learned some of the German language ; for the group's 1981 album Phansi Emgodini, Shabalala composed a song titled " Wir Grüssen Euch Alle " (" We greet you all ").
We soon learned it was a female, and our admiration was doubled, and our conjectures tripled.
" When asked to explain why there had been a retraction for the Governor but not for Sullivan, the Secretary of the Times testified: " We did that because we didn't want anything that was published by the Times to be a reflection on the State of Alabama and the Governor was, as far as we could see, the embodiment of the State of Alabama and the proper representative of the state and, furthermore, we had by that time learned more of the actual facts which the ad purported to recite and, finally, the ad did refer to the action of the state authorities and the Board of Education presumably of which the Governor is the ex-officio chairman ...." On the other hand, he testified that he did not think that " any of the language in there referred to Mr. Sullivan.
We all learned how to say Schwarzenegger.

We and important
We have discovered that the outward trappings such as private offices and private secretaries are extremely important ; ;
We devote a chapter to the binomial distribution not only because it is a mathematical model for an enormous variety of real life phenomena, but also because it has important properties that recur in many other probability models.
We should encourage the governments to develop their own technical assistance to communities, state and provincial governments, rural communities, and other smaller groups, making certain that no important segment of the economy is neglected.
We should first recognize our tendency to develop a hierarchy of values, locating brief treatment at the bottom and long-term intensive service at the top, instead of seeing the services as part of a continuum, each important in its own right.
We trust you are not one of the 70,000,000 Americans who do not attend church, but who feel that various forms of recreation are more important than worshipping the God who made our country great.
" In practical terms, the most important law in the code may well be the very first: " We enjoin, what is most necessary, that each man keep carefully his oath and his pledge ," which expresses a fundamental tenet of Anglo-Saxon law.
We must trust the accused to make such an important decision for himself.
" He continued, " We believe that by attacking with tanks we can achieve a higher rate of movement than has been hitherto obtainable, and — what is perhaps even more importantthat we can keep moving once a breakthrough has been made.
We could extend this principle to an even more important sphere.
If this letter were to Ephesus, one would expect it to have more of the warmth evidenced in Philippians ... We may safely assume the letter was a general letter to Gentile believers in southwestern Asia Minor and that it became identified with Ephesus as the most important city between Rome and Antioch.
We need to experience " death consciousness " so as to wake up ourselves as to what is really important ; the authentic in our lives which is life experience, not knowledge.
We begin by examining two relatively minor problems and then one much more important, overarching problem.
We know that Ur was the most important port on the Persian Gulf, which extended much further inland than it does today.
" Answered Rabban Yochanan, " We have another, equally important source of atonement, the practice of gemiluth ( loving kindness ), as it is stated: " I desire loving kindness and not sacrifice " ( Hosea 6: 6 ).
We get to know McElwee's ( or McElwee's filmic persona's ) hopes, concerns, nightmares ; and we are behind the camera with McElwee as he uses the film-making process to forge new relationships and to revise previously important relationships.
His famous quote " We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth " and the first pictures taken of the earth from the Moon, inspired environmentalists everywhere.
" We believe that establishing Sandia as our lead laboratory is an important step in our new path forward.
" Likewise, Tom Drummond described the band's thinking on its third major album, " We thought the third album was a very important record, because generally a band either makes or breaks on the third record.
* Trivialization: We reframe the intended but procrastinated task as being not that important ( e. g., " I'm putting off going to the dentist, but you know what?
Chris Perry, part of Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope Publishing, said, " We are painstakingly transferring the important contents of the video tapes and restoring radio shows.
Image was very important to the group, with Rowland commenting " We wanted to be a group that looked like something ... a formed group, a project, not just random ".
We, therefore pledge ourselves to preserve pure ideals ; to honor the memory of our beloved Veterans ; to study and teach the truths of history ( one of the most important of which is, that the War Between the States was not a rebellion, nor was its underlying cause to sustain slavery ).
We recognized that he was not only an unusually gifted man, but that he had the indefinable something that marks the man who has worked seriously upon himself ... Knowing Reggie to be a very cautious man, trained moreover in assessing information by many years in the Intelligence Service, I accepted his assurances and also his belief that Shah had a very important mission in the West that we ought to help him to accomplish.
We thus see that, not only directly but also through the replies that it called forth, the system of Hutcheson, or at least the system of Hutcheson combined with that of Shaftesbury, contributed, in large measure, to the formation and development of some of the most important of the modern schools of ethics.

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