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married and Helena
A few days later, Julian was married to Helena, the last surviving sister of Constantius.
He married Valide Sultan Handan Sultan, an ethnic Greek originally named Helena and the mother of Ahmed I and Mustafa I.
Halil married Irene, who was a daughter of John V Palaeologus and Helena Cantakouzene.
An early graduate of Oxford ( St. John's College, 1586 ), he was vicar of Wherwell, Hampshire ( 1587 – 1605 ) when ousted for Puritanical leanings under James I. Bachiler married Helena Mason, the widow of Revd.
Thomas Mason of Odiham, Hampshire ; Mary, the daughter of Helena and Thomas Mason, was married to Richard Dummer, who also became involved in the founding of the Plough Company.
He married Helena Cookes ( an amateur botanical illustrator, and erstwhile patient of his ) in 1772 ; they had three children ( the first, Helena was born in 1775 but died a few days later, William was born in 1776, and Charlotte in 1778 ).
Domin and Helena fall in love and are engaged to be married.
As a youth, Constantine VIII had been engaged to a daughter of Emperor Boris II of Bulgaria, but in the end he married a Byzantine aristocrat named Helena.
Embarrassed by further failures, she and her supporters were supplanted in 919 by the admiral Romanos Lekapenos, who married his daughter Helena Lekapene to Constantine VII and finally advanced to the imperial throne in 920.
He married Helena Friese on 24 March 1874, and decided to modify his name to include her maiden name.
He married Helena Fredrika Håkansson on June 23, 1830.
In May 919 he married his daughter Helena Lekapene to Constantine and was proclaimed basileopator (" father of the emperor ").
* Helena Lekapene, who married Emperor Constantine VII.
# Helena Kantakouzene, who married Emperor John V Palaiologos
To strengthen the ties between the emperor and his powerful military servant, in 289 Constantius divorced his wife ( or concubine ) Helena, and married the emperor Maximian ’ s daughter, Theodora.
Constantius was either married to, or was in concubinage with, Helena, who was probably from Nicomedia in Asia Minor.
Constantius married Coel's daughter Helena and became king of Britain.
His mother died in 1760, and two years later, Cristoffer married Helena Elisabeth Kolmodin, daughter of the poet Olof Kolmodin.
* Social class relationships: Falco ( plebeian ) is " married " to Helena Justina, daughter of a senator ( patrician ), and he is trying to improve his status.
In order to obtain a wife more consonant with his rising status, Constantius divorced Helena some time before 289, when he married Theodora, Maximian's daughter.
Daniel arap Moi married Lena Moi ( born Helena Bommet ) in 1950, but they separated in 1974, before his presidency.
Lord Derby married Dorothea Helena Kirkhoven, daughter of Baron Rupa of the Netherlands.
In 1928, he married English actress Helena Pickard.

married and Kantakouzene
# Maria Kantakouzene, who married Nikephoros II Orsini of Epirus
# Theodora Kantakouzene, who married Sultan Orhan of the Ottoman Empire
He had married twice, firstly in Constantinople ca 1318 or 1318 to a Kantakouzene ( died ca 1330 ), without issue, and secondly in 1330 – 1332, Theodora Syrgiannaina ( died 1347 / 1349 ), sister of the pinkernes (" cupbearer ") Syrgiannes Palaiologos Philanthropenos, with whom he fathered two children.
After Maria's death ( sometime before 1447 ), he married Helena Kantakouzene, a great-granddaughter of Emperor John VI Kantakouzenos.
He surrendered Thomokastron, married Maria Kantakouzene, the daughter of John Kantakouzenos, and received the title of panhypersebastos.
John V married Helena Kantakouzene, a daughter of his co-ruler John VI Kantakuzenos.
Around 1420 Jahan Shah married the daughter of Alexios IV of Trebizond and Theodora Kantakouzene, part of the agreement being that Alexius would continue paying to the Kara Koyunlu the tribute that Trebizond had formerly paid to Timur.
Constantine Dragaš married as his second wife Eudokia of Trebizond, daughter of Emperor Alexios III of Trebizond and Theodora Kantakouzene.
Of John VI's daughters, Helena Kantakouzene married John and Matthew's rival John V Palaiologos ( r. 1341 – 1391 ), Maria married Nikephoros II Orsini of Epirus, and Theodora married the Ottoman bey Orhan I.

married and daughter
His daughter Elinor married Quiney's son Adrian in 1613, and his son Henry married Mary Lane of Stratford in 1609.
He is married to the former Audrey Knecht and has a daughter, Karol, 13.
No, I forget Mrs. Mathias, who had been away visiting a married daughter when it happened.
Aristotle married Hermias's adoptive daughter ( or niece ) Pythias.
Ahab married Jezebel, the daughter of the King of Tyre, and the alliance was doubtless the means of procuring political support.
One of them, Múnón, married Priam's daughter, Tróán, and had by her a son, Trór, to be pronounced Thor in Old Norse.
Albert married first, to Princess Dorothea ( 1 August 1504-11 April 1547 ), daughter of King Frederick I of Denmark, in 1526.
He married secondly to Anna Maria ( 1532 – 20 March 1568 ), daughter of Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, in 1550.
Classical dramatisations differ on how willing either father or daughter were to this fate, some include such trickery as claiming she was to be married to Achilles, but Agamemnon did eventually sacrifice Iphigenia.
He married Cleopatra Thea, a daughter of the Ptolemaic dynasty.
He married his paternal half-sister Olympias II of Epirus, by whom he had two sons, Pyrrhus II of Epirus, Ptolemy of Epirus and a daughter, Phthia of Macedon.
He had a bastard daughter, Marjorie, who married Sir Alan Durward, Justiciar of Scotia ( he died 1275 ), and had issue.
Alexander had married Princess Margaret of England, a daughter of King Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence, on 26 December 1251.
In this capacity, Alexios defeated the rebellions of Nikephoros Bryennios the Elder ( whose son or grandson later married Alexios ' daughter Anna ) and Nikephoros Basilakes, the first at the Battle of Kalavrye and the latter in a surprise night attack on his camp.
During this time, Alexios was rumored to be the lover of Empress Maria of Alania, the daughter of King Bagrat IV of Georgia, who had been successively married to Michael VII Doukas and his successor Nikephoros III Botaneiates, renowned for her beauty.
He had been married twice but was now allegedly the lover of Eudokia Angelina, a daughter of Emperor Alexios III Angelos.
At the age of 18, Johnson married 16-year-old Eliza McCardle in 1827 ; she was the daughter of a local shoemaker.
In 868, Alfred married Ealhswith, daughter of a Mercian nobleman, Æthelred Mucil, Ealdorman of the Gaini.
Afonso married in 1146 Mafalda or Maud of Savoy ( 1125 – 1158 ), daughter of Amadeo III, Count of Savoy, and Mahaut of Albon.
Afonso married Infanta Urraca of Castile, daughter of Alfonso VIIIof Castile and Leonora of England, in 1206.
He divorced Matilda in 1253 and, in the same year, married Beatrice of Castile, illegitimate daughter of Alfonso X, King of Castile, and Mayor Guillén de Guzmán ( Maria de Guzman ).
In 1309, Afonso IV married Infanta Beatrice of Castile, daughter of King Sancho IV of Castile by his wife Maria de Molina.
Afonso married Beatrice of Castile ( 1293 – 1359 ) in 1309, daughter of Sancho IV, King of Castile, and María de Molina and had four sons and three daughters.
Isabella died in 1455 and Afonso married again ( although not recognized by the Papacy ) in 1475, this time to Joanna of Castile ( known as " La Beltraneja "), daughter of Henry IV of Castile and Joan of Portugal.

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