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Shōen and powerful
Shōen, from about the 8th to the late 15th century, describes any of the private, tax-free, often autonomous estates or manors whose rise undermined the political and economic power of the emperor and contributed to the growth of powerful local clans.

Shōen and century
Shōen appeared in the eighth century and disappeared in the sixteenth century.

Shōen and became
Shōen feudal estates were established across the three provinces, and the region became an important source of tax revenue, agricultural and other products to the capital in Kyoto.

Shōen and part
Nichinan began as part of the Fujiwara Shōen in the Heian period.

Shōen and shōen
Shōen composed primarily of newly reclaimed land characterized shoki shōen, and accordingly shoki-shōen are sometimes called kondenchi-kei-shōen ( 墾田地系荘園, lit.
* Amino Yoshihiko et al., Shōen no seiritsu to ryōyū 荘園の成立と領有 Rise of Japanese Manors and their Territorial Rights, ( Kōza Nihon shōen shi 講座日本荘園史, 2 ), Tokyo: Yoshikawa Kōbunkan, 1991 ; ISBN 4-642-02692-4.

Shōen and .
He was in position to edict several laws and regulations ( most notably the Enkyū Shōen Regulation Decree ) during his rule, thus weakening the regency.
* Shōen -- the form of Japanese fiefdom that developed after the Taika Reforms.
Shōen of the second type, which continued from the middle of Heian period to the Sengoku period, are called chūsei-shōen ( 中世荘園, lit.

holders and had
Previously, the Football Association had scorned the competition but United made progress, reaching the semi-finals where they lost to holders Real Madrid.
Even the Church and hereditary clergy had become highly hierarchical, and the holders of benefices, the canons and the monks were under scandalous aspersions and mutual repulsion.
The System II featured detachable controllers and had two holders at the back to wind the cable around and to store the controller in.
New York, which had also issued land grants that overlapped some of those sold by Wentworth, insisted that holders of the Wentworth grants pay a fee to New York to have their grants validated.
He played in nine more internationals prior to the start of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, for which England once again had not needed to qualify, this time owing to their status as holders.
A census of 1899 revealed that northern Honduras had been exporting bananas for several years and that over 1, 000 people in the region between Puerto Cortes and La Ceiba ( and inland as far as San Pedro Sula ) were tending bananas, most of them small holders.
The fruit companies received very large concessions of land on which to grow bananas, often forcing small holders who had been growing and exporting bananas off their land or out of business.
LTTE had cloned credit cards using PIN and card numbers obtained from unsuspecting card holders in the United Kingdom, and funds were transferred out of their accounts later.
Since the rights holders in Japan by this time had created a unified ( although still evolving ) list of romanized character and mecha names, Schodt was able to use it, and Amuro's rival in the novel thus became " Char " and not " Sha "; the popular Zeon Mobile Suit, similarly, became " Zaku ," and not " Zak ".
Among the Cherokee, records show that slave holders in the tribe were largely the children of European men that had shown their children the economics of slavery.
And like the holders of a secret, they had an advantage which was a disadvantage, too, and which was true of no other minority group in the United States.
It had required the holders of broadcast licenses to " present controversial issues of public importance " and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission's view, " honest, equitable and balanced ".
Central government weakened over the decades and this had allowed a number of local Ottoman holders of large estates to establish personal ascendancy over separate regions.
After all of the area of the present province had been recognized by other European powers as belonging to Portugal, pacification of the tribes of the interior was completed and the traditional holders of political power were subordinated to the Portuguese.
Once she had identified unreturned items through old inventories, she would write to the holders, requesting that they be returned.
It passed through the Commons in a week and placed entry controls on holders of British passports who had " no substantial connection " with Britain by setting up a new system.
But all office holders of UEA had to be individual members, and the core services of the association such as the Yearbook were still reserved to the individual members.
* Religion: The Act allowed public office holders to practice the Roman Catholic faith, by replacing the oath sworn by officials from one to Elizabeth I and her heirs with one to George III that had no reference to the Protestant faith.
However, as these had Greek holders, they were titled Archon (" magistrate ") or Despotes.
Reigning World Cup holders Uruguay declined to participate, in protest at the refusal of several European countries to travel to South America for the previous World Cup, which Uruguay had hosted in 1930.
Mondt and McMahon wanted Rogers to keep the NWA World Championship, but Rogers was unwilling to sacrifice his $ 25, 000 deposit on the belt ( title holders at the time had to pay a deposit to insure they honored their commitments as champion ).
Sometimes it had been leased, rented, or resold to other holders after the initial sale or rental.
Basically the outraged populace viewed this development as a sophisticated maneuver to benefit the holders of bonds that had become worthless by re-obligating the county to pay those same bonds.
During its 10 to 15 years of existence, shares were split, traded, share holders died and shares were spit between heirs and the number of people with monetary interests in Napoleon had grown from about 5 or 6 to about 15 or 20.
Finally, they investigated and judged numbers of private cases — lawsuits between prelates, members of religious orders and holders of benefices — thus themselves committing one of the serious abuses for which they had criticized the court of Rome.

holders and access
For standing places, full season tickets automatically include last night admission, half-season ticket holders have access to a special distribution of tickets, but must purchase their Last Night ticket in addition to the cost of the season ticket ; day Prommers also have to present five ticket stubs at the box office.
Suite holders and club seat holders have access to these 2 lounges.
However, some trains fall in between these categories, since public transit agencies can pay SJ to allow transit pass holders access to SJ's trains.
The programme has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment, giving IB diploma holders access to the world ’ s leading universities.
On 6 May 2009, East Midlands Trains implemented its proposal, using temporary barriers and ticket inspectors to bar access to the footbridge to non-ticket holders, and local residents and Supertram passengers were forced to use longer routes around the station.
Diamond Club seats are located in the first eight rows behind home plate ; holders of these seats are entitled to VIP parking in the Safeco Field garage, a private entry to the ballpark on the field level, and access to the Diamond Club Lounge with buffet and bar.
degree holders with structures designed to strengthen their connections among peers and to access a competitive business environment.
Scout seats offers ticket holders behind-the-scenes access to the ballpark and the world-class amenities for one-inclusive price.
* 314-seat " Scout " seating area directly behind home plate added, which offers ticket holders behind-the-scenes access to the ballpark and the world-class amenities, including free food, for one-inclusive price.
In January 2003, Nancy Pelosi, the ranking Democrat in the U. S. House of Representatives, pushed for a trial arrangement to give holders of Matricula Consular cards access to the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco.
Unlike people with Limited Leave to Remain ( LTR ) in the UK, ILR holders do have access to public funds.
TPV holders do have the right to work and have access to job matching by Centrelink.
Public access to Moutohorā is restricted to permit holders and approved tour parties and school groups.
The basement and first floor are open 24 hours a day ; access to the rest of the building after 5: 00 p. m. is limited to Harvard University ID holders and others with proper authorization.
In many countries, including the United States, access is granted to entry-level license holders.
The ' clam-shell ' front seat center armrest opened from the rear, allowing better access to back seat passengers, while the rear seat center armrest held a slide out console with two cup holders and a storage cubby.
The Derwent Park provides access to the river where permit holders can fish as well as tennis courts, putting, recreational fields and playground facilities.
ORV users want free access, hikers and campers and conservationists complain grazing is not regulated enough, some mineral lease holders abuse other lands, and ORV use destroys the resource.
The 2005 Chairman H ( although based on the 1995 Mercedes-Benz W124 ) had a lot of electrical features for a car from that year and for a car of that price, including: heated and cooled cup holders, rear parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, anti-lock brakes, stability and traction controls, illuminated " Chairman " signatures on the door scuff plates and the back seats are individually electrically controlled and can move backwards when the engine is turned off to improve access ; the driver's seat and the steering wheel behave in a similar way.
The Mai Po Marshes are listed as a restricted area and access is restricted to permit holders.
: This endorsement is found in British National ( Overseas ) passports, and accordingly holders of the BN ( O ) passport have six-month access to the UK as a visitor without an entry certificate or visa.
Few foreign countries / territories which offer visa-free access to Hong Kong SAR passport holders confer the same privilege to holders of the Hong Kong SAR Document of Identity.

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