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1945 and Bush
In 1945, Vannevar Bush wrote an article in The Atlantic Monthly called " As We May Think ", about a futuristic proto-hypertext device he called a Memex.
The idea of using computers to search for relevant pieces of information was popularized in the article As We May Think by Vannevar Bush in 1945.
The memex ( a portmanteau of " memory " and " index ") is the name of the hypothetical proto-hypertext system that Vannevar Bush described in his 1945 The Atlantic Monthly article " As We May Think " ( AWMT ).
Bush describes the memex and other visions of " As We May Think " as projections of technology known in the 1930s and 1940s in the spirit of Jules Verne or Arthur C. Clarke's 1945 proposal to orbit geosynchronous satellites for global telecommunication.
In Science, The Endless Frontier, his 1945 report to the President of the United States, Bush called for an expansion of government support for science, and he pressed for the creation of the National Science Foundation.
He credits James Goodby ( of the Brookings Institution ) with tracing what he considers the earliest known English-language use soon after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ( although it is not quite verbatim ): a communique from a 15 November 1945, meeting of Harry Truman, Clement Attlee and Mackenzie King ( probably drafted by Vannevar Bush – or so Bush claimed in 1970 ) referred to " weapons adaptable to mass destruction ".
For example, wearable computer imaging systems were described by Vannevar Bush in his essay " As We May Think " in the Atlantic Monthly in July 1945 and wearable devices for timing the trajectory of the balls on a roulette table were built and used by Ed Thorp and Claude Shannon in 1961.
Former President George H. W. Bush was stationed at the base for training during 1945 for about two months.
* Former U. S. President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush lived in Trenton for two months in the spring of 1945 while Bush was stationed at nearby Naval Air Station Grosse Ile.
; 1945: Vannevar Bush — head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, intimately connected with the Manhattan Project, and personal acquaintance of the President — was asked by President Roosevelt in 1944 to write a report on what should be done in the postwar to further foster government commitment to science and technology.
Bush issued his report to President Harry S. Truman in July 1945, entitled Science — The Endless Frontier.
She met George Herbert Walker Bush at age 16, and the two married in 1945, while he was on leave during his deployment as a Naval officer in World War II.
In 1945, Vannevar Bush described a hypertext-like device called the " memex " in his The Atlantic Monthly article As We May Think.
Besides Griffin winning consecutive Heismans at Ohio State, three other programs had two different players win the Heisman Trophy in consecutive years: Yale ( 1936 – 37 ), Army ( 1945 – 46 ), and Southern California ( USC ) ( 2004 – 05, though Reggie Bush voluntarily forfeited his 2005 award in September 2010 and sent the trophy back to the Heisman Trust ).
Vannevar Bush, director of the office of scientific research and development for the U. S. government in July 1945, wrote " Science is a proper concern of government " Vannevar Bush directed the forerunner of the National Science Foundation, and his writings directly inspired researchers to invent the hyperlink and the computer mouse.
Larry Dean Thompson ( born November 15, 1945 ) is an American lawyer, most notable for his service as deputy Attorney General of the United States under United States President George W. Bush until August 2003.
* Michael Dutton Douglas ( 1945 – 1963 ), killed in a car accident involving future First Lady Laura Bush
The second USS Bush ( DD 529 ) was a Fletcher class destroyer that served during World War II from 1943 to 1945.
* Chip Hawkes — born Leonard Donald Stanley Hawkes, 2 November 1945, Shepherd's Bush, West London — Bassist / Vocalist ( from 1965 ).
* Improved Commodore / Bush Kentucky Wonder, 60 days ( green ), 1945 AAS winner

1945 and published
Orwell's famous allegory of totalitarian rule, Animal Farm, published in 1945, provoked similar anti-communist sentiments.
* Commentary ( magazine ), a US public affairs journal, founded in 1945 and formerly published by the American Jewish Committee
Included in that collection were “ Judgment Night ” ( first published in August and September, 1943 ), the lush rendering of a future galactic empire with a sober meditation on the nature of power and its inevitable loss ; “ The Code ” ( July, 1945 ), an homage to the classic Faust with modern theories and Lovecraftian dread ; “ Promised Land ” ( February, 1950 ) and “ Heir Apparent ” ( July, 1950 ) both documenting the grim twisting that mankind must undergo in order to spread into the solar system ; and “ Paradise Street ” ( September, 1950 ), a futuristic take on the Old West conflict between lone hunter and wilderness-taming settlers.
The Yiddish linguist Max Weinreich published the expression, A shprakh iz a dialekt mit an armey un flot ( " A language is a dialect with an army and navy ") in YIVO Bleter 25. 1, 1945, p. 13.
Fern Hill ( 1945 ) is a poem by Dylan Thomas, first published in the October, 1945, Horizon magazine, with its first book publication as the last poem in Deaths and Entrances.
His first children's book, Stuart Little, which was published in 1945, and Charlotte's Web, which appeared in 1952.
At the arrangement of editor Max Eastman, the American magazine Reader's Digest also published an abridged version in April 1945, enabling The Road to Serfdom to reach a far wider audience than academics.
Animal Farm: A Fairy Story was published in Britain on 17 August 1945, and a year later in the U. S., on 26 August 1946.
Orwell may have been the first to use the term cold war, in his essay, " You and the Atom Bomb ", published in Tribune, 19 October 1945.
In September 1945, Radbruch published a short paper Fünf Minuten Rechtsphilosophie ( five minutes of legal philosophy ), that was influential in shaping the jurisprudence of values ( Wertungsjurisprudenz ), prevalent in the aftermath of World War II as a reaction against legal positivism.
Zuse also claimed to have designed the first higher-level programming language, which he named Plankalkül, in 1945 ( published in 1948 ) although it was implemented for the first time in 2000 by a team around Raúl Rojas at the Free University of Berlin — five years after Zuse died.
" Leaf by Niggle " is a short story written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1938 – 39 and first published in the Dublin Review in January 1945.
According to figures published in 1945, 66, 000 people were killed as a direct result of the Hiroshima blast, and 69, 000 were injured to varying degrees ..
In his Phenomenology of Perception ( first published in French in 1945 ), Merleau-Ponty developed the concept of the body-subject as an alternative to the Cartesian " cogito.
In addition Hermann Broch's The Death of Virgil was published in 1945 and Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus in 1947.
* 1945 – The official North Korean newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, is first published under the name Chongro.
Shannon delivered his results in a classified report in 1945, and published them openly in 1949.
However, Williams died suddenly on May 15, 1945, and the book was published as a memorial volume.
File: Pauli. jpg | Wolfgang Pauli ( 1900-1958 ): pioneers of quantum physics, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1945 ( nominated by Albert Einstein ), formulated the Pauli exclusion principle involving spin theory ( underpinning the structure of matter and the whole of chemistry ), published the Pauli – Villars regularization, formulated the Pauli equation, coined the phrase ' not even wrong '
The St Helena Church News was published from 1888, the Parish Magazine from 1889, the Diocesan Magazine from 1901 and the Jamestown Monthly from 1912 The latter was renamed the St Helena Church Magazine and was published until 1945 by Canon Wallcot, who extended news coverage from church matters to also include island news after the closure of the St Helena Guardian.
The convention is named for Sam Stayman, who wrote the first published description in 1945, but its inventors were two other players: the British expert Jack Marx in 1939, who published it only in 1946, and Stayman's regular partner George Rapée in 1945.

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