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religious and explanation
One explanation for this silence is that such questions distract from activity that is practical to realizing enlightenment and bring about the danger of substituting the experience of liberation by conceptual understanding of the doctrine or by religious faith.
* Bible commentary, a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially a religious text
Historicism says that Biblical prophecies provide us with a broad view of history, as well as an explanation of the religious significance of historical events.
Meanwhile, religious scholar Max Müller theorized that religion began in hedonism and folklorist Wilhelm Mannhardt suggested that religion began in " naturalism ", by which he meant mythological explanation of natural events.
" The history of this concept in the dispute has been characterized: " An older and more religious tradition of idealist thinkers were committed to the explanation of complex adaptive contrivances by intelligent design.
* Detailed explanation of differences between Molokan, Prygun and Dukh-i-zhinik faiths, and between Molokan used as a religious and ethnic term
This explanation differs dramatically from other explanations based on " differences in ability " between individuals or on religious or political affiliations giving rise to castes.
Many conservative religious believers hold that in the absence of a plausible, parsimonious scientific theory, the best explanation for these events is that they were performed by a supernatural being, and cite this as evidence for the existence of a god or gods.
Instead, Weber suggests that a ground or motive can be given – for religious or affect reasons, for example — that may meet the criterion of explanation or justification even if it is not an explanation that fits the Zweckrational orientation of means and ends.
Harvard President Nathan Pusey, following an explanation of the religious symbology of the Triptych, had the paintings hung in January 1963, and later shown at the Guggenheim.
In the 1997 science-fiction film Contact, a fictional religious fanatic and suicide bomber named Joseph filmed his explanation for his death from his hometown of Panguitch, Utah.
One could say that he distanced himself from a religious explanation of evil towards a rational / empirical train of thought, and this is important because of his status as an author ; both in his time and ours.
An explanation of this may lie in the analysis of the massacre in terms of social anthropology by the religious historian Bruce Lincoln, who describes how the religious divide, which gave the Huguenots different patterns of dress, eating and pastimes, as well as the obvious differences of religion and ( very often ) class, had become a social schism or cleavage.
One explanation for this may be that realistically painting the human form was " forbidden by a powerful religious taboo.
A religious explanation for this is that one greets both the body and the soul, but Hebrew does occasionally use the plural as a sign of respect ( e. g. a name of God is Elohim אלוהים literally gods ).
In 1907 he published The Creed of a Layman, which included his Apologia pro fide mea, in explanation of his Positivist religious position.
Exegesis ( from the Greek from ' to lead out ') is a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially a religious text.
By excluding scientific explanation in their understanding of why and how things occur, he asserts modern religious practitioners are rudimentary.
One explanation suggested for this treatment is that the room was venerated as a religious gathering place, a domus-ecclesia or house church, for the Christian community.
The theory of a common sky father is rejected by most archaeologists and anthropologists as an explanation of early European religious life.
A third explanation promoted by religious Jews is that the overwhelmingly secular leadership in Israel sought to undermine the influence of religious elements in Israeli politics and society by allowing more secular Jews and their non-Jewish spouses to immigrate.

religious and is
Hemingway's fiction is supported by a `` moral '' backbone and in its search for ultimate meaning hints at a religious dimension.
This is the rhetoric of righteousness the beatniks use in defending their way of life, their search for wholeness, though their actual existence fails to reach these `` religious '' heights.
Piepsam is not, certainly, religious in any conventional sense.
If Jews are identified as a religious body in a controversy that comes before a national or international tribunal, it is obviously compatible with the goal of human dignity to protect freedom of worship.
From that time to this my religious concern is that I might give effective help to the bringing in of God's kingdom on earth.
The religious quest is often intense and deep, and there are students on every campus who are seriously wrestling with the most profound questions of meaning and value.
He is a Buddhist, which means that to him peace and the sanctity of human life are not only religious dogma, but a profound and unshakable Weltanschauung.
It is like medical schools in India where, in that fairy-land of religious inhibition, the dissection of dead bodies is frowned upon.
In the last analysis, religion is the means of inducing, formulating, expressing, enhancing, implementing, and perpetuating man's deepest experience -- the religious.
Man is first religious ; ;
The feeling of individual inferiority, defeat, or humilation growing out of various social situations or individual deficiencies or failures is compensated for by communion in worship or prayer with a friendly, but all-victorious Father-God, as well as by sympathetic fellowship with others who share this faith, and by opportunities in religious acts for giving vent to emotions and energies.
The value-system of a community or society is always correlated with, and to a degree dependent upon, a more or less shared system of religious beliefs and convictions.
Even in the United States, with its freedom of religious belief and worship and its vast denominational differentiation, there is a general consensus regarding the basic Christian values.
In America also all of our major religious bodies officially sanction a universalistic ethic which is reflective of our common religion.
Closely related to this function is the fact that the religious system provides a body of ultimate ends for the society, which are compatible with the supreme eternal ends.
As he points out, a religious group cannot exist without a collective credo, and the more extensive the credo, the more unified and strong is the group.
His view is that every religion pertains to a community, and, conversely, every community is in one aspect a religious unit.
This is brought out in the common religious ethos that prevails even in the denominationally diverse audiences at many secular semi-public and public occasions in the United States ; ;
and it is evidenced in the prayers offered, in the frequent religious allusions, and in the confirmation of points on religious grounds.
There is a marked tendency for religions, once firmly established, to resist change, not only in their own doctrines and policies and practices, but also in secular affairs having religious relevance.
To derive Utopian communism from the Jerusalem Christian community of the apostolic age or from its medieval successors-in-spirit, the monastic communities, is with an appropriate shift of adjectives, misleading in the same way as to derive it from Plato's Republic: in the Republic we have to do with an elite of physical and intellectual athletes, in the apostolic and monastic communities with an elite of spiritual and religious athletes.
It omits, for example, practically the whole line of great nineteenth century English social critics, nearly all the great writers whose basic position is religious, and all those who are with more or less accuracy called Existentialists.

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