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1341 and poem
Although dissatisfied with his return to Florence, Boccaccio continued to work, producing Comedia delle ninfe fiorentine ( also known as Ameto ) a mix of prose and poems, in 1341, completing the fifty canto allegorical poem Amorosa visione in 1342, and Fiammetta in 1343.

1341 and one
The Bagginses of Bag End were one of the oldest, wealthiest, and most respectable hobbit families in Hobbiton until the year 2941 ( SR 1341 ), when Bilbo inexplicably disappeared on his adventure and was thought dead.
From 1311-1675 Brzeg was the capital of a Lower Silesian duchy ( Duchy of Brzeg ) ruled by the Piast dynasty, a branch of the dukes of Lower Silesia, one of whom built a castle in 1341.
Tax registers from 1341 record the presence of two thriving breweries or brewhouses in the town, one paying 8d in tax and the other 4d.
According to one view it was heavy floods in the river Periyar that destroyed the city in 1341, while others point out to an earth quake in this regard.
In this capacity, Alexios Apokaukos served as one of the leading members of the imperial government during the Civil War of 1341 – 1347, supporting John V Palaiologos ( r. 1341 – 1391 ) against John VI Kantakouzenos ( r. 1347 – 1354 ).

1341 and first
The Church considers the first seven Ecumenical Councils ( held between the 4th and the 8th century ) to be the most important ; however, there have been more, specifically the Synods of Constantinople, 879 – 880, 1341, 1347, 1351, 1583, 1819, and 1872, the Synod of Iaşi ( Jassy ), 1642, and the Pan-Orthodox Synod of Jerusalem, 1672, all of which helped to define the Orthodox position.
* 1341: Petrarch, the " Father of Humanism ", becomes the first Poet Laureate since antiquity.
On April 8, 1341, he became the first poet laureate since antiquity and was crowned on the holy grounds of Rome's Capitol.
Gruyères had a plague house which was first mentioned in 1341.
* 1336 — Possible first expedition to the Canary Islands with additional expeditions in 1340 and 1341, though this is disputed.
In 1825 the city was inhabited by 1266 Poles and 1341 Germans The German language newspaper, Allensteiner Zeitung, was first published in 1841.
The town was the seat of the Counts of Celje from 1341 to 1456 It acquired market-town status in the first half of the 14th century and town privileges from Count Frederick II on 11 April 1451.
This custom, first revived in Padua for Albertino Mussato, was followed by Petrarch's own crowning ceremony in the audience hall of the medieval senatorial palazzo on the Campidoglio on the 8th of April 1341.
From 1930 to 1990, K-Rock was known as 3GL on the AM band, broadcasting first on 1400 kHz, then 1350 kHz and later 1341 kHz.
The following winter ( 1340 or 1341 ), while Holland was overseas, her family forced her to marry William Montacute, son and heir of the first Earl of Salisbury.
The first reliable account of Guanche language was provided by the Genoese explorer Nicoloso da Recco in 1341, with a translation of numbers used by the islanders.
In 1341, Ivan married his first wife Fedosia Dmitrievna of Bryansk.
In 1341 King John of Bohemia accorded permission to Jewish families to reside within the Budweis walls and a first synagogue was erected in 1380, however several pogroms occurred in the late 15th and early 16th century.
Most of the early Lord Chancellors were members of the clergy ; the first legally trained Lord Chancellor was Robert Parning SL, who was appointed in 1341 and held the office for two years.
In 1341 the Commons met separately from the nobility and clergy for the first time, creating what was effectively an Upper Chamber and a Lower Chamber, with the knights and burgesses sitting in the latter.
The 12th century parish church of All Saints ' houses the tomb of Edmund of Langley ( 1341 – 1402 ), the first Duke of York.
The first reliable mentioning of Ashmyany ( in the Lithuanian Chronicles ) tells that after the death of Gediminas in 1341 the town was inherited, among other places, by Jaunutis.
The first reliable account of Guanche language was provided by Genovese explorer Nicoloso da Recco in 1341, with a list of the numbers 1 – 16, possibly from Fuerteventura.
Edmund of Langley, the first Duke of York and founder of the House of York, was born in Kings Langley on 5 June 1341 and died there on 1 August 1402.
Cambs is mentioned documentarily first in 1341.
The first documented record of the island of Ruhnu, and of its Swedish population, is a 1341 letter sent by the Bishop of Courland which confirmed the islanders ' right to reside and manage their property in accordance with Swedish law.
Hugsweier was first mentioned in 1341 as " Hugelswilre ", Burgheim in 1035 as " Burcheim ", Dinglingen in 961 as " Tuntelinga ", Mietersheim in 762 as " Mutherisheim " and Sulz in 1270 as " Sulz ".
Maritime insurance began in 1323 in Portugal, and between 1336 and 1341 the first attempts at maritime expansion are made, with the expedition to Canary Islands, sponsored by King Afonso IV.
The first creation was in 1341, and was surrendered in 1372, when the second earl sold the earldom and territory to Archibald the Grim, Lord of Galloway.

1341 and China
Koil is also mentioned in Ibn Battuta's Rihla, when Ibn Battuta along with 15 ambassadors representing Ukhaantu Khan, the Mongol Emperor of the Yuan dynasty in China, travelled to Kol city en route to the coast at Cambay ( in Gujarat ) in 1341.
Official trading missions were also sent to China, such as the Tenryūji-bune around 1341.
Colour is very common in Asian woodblock printing on paper ; in China the first known example is a Diamond sutra of 1341, printed in black and red at the Zifu Temple in modern day Hubei province.

1341 and wrote
The Flatey Book Annal wrote of the 1341 eruption that people saw large and small birds flying in the mountain's fire which were taken to be souls.
In early 1341, the monastic communities of Mount Athos wrote the Hagioritic Tome under the supervision and inspiration of Palamas.
In early 1341, the monastic communities of Mount Athos wrote the Hagioritic Tome under the supervision and inspiration of Palamas.

1341 and from
Andronikos III Palaiologos, Latinized as Andronicus III Palaeologus (; 25 March 1297 – 15 June 1341 ) was Byzantine emperor from 1328 to 1341, after being rival emperor since 1321.
She married Basil of Trebizond and took over the throne of the Empire of Trebizond from 1340 to 1341.
In 1341 David II, King Robert's son and heir, was able to return from temporary exile in France.
William of Ockham – Sketch labelled " frater Occham iste ", from a manuscript of Ockham's Summa Logicae, 1341
1275 – 1341 ) was Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1315 or 1316 until his death.
He also served as High Sheriff of Cornwall from 1340 – 1341, 1343, 1358 and 1360 – 1374.
" ( excerpt from United States v. Degenhardt, 405 F. Supp. 2d 1341, 1343 ( D. Utah 2005 ))
The Guardianship transferred to Sir Andrew Murray of Bothwell but following his death in 1338 Robert was re-appointed and retained the office until King David returned from France in June 1341.
John Randolph, released from English custody in a prisoner-exchange in 1341, visited David II in Normandy before returning to Scotland.
The Commons did succeed in making some changes to the Court's procedure, however ; in 1394 the King assented to their request that victorious defendants in the Court have their costs recompensed from the other side, and in 1341 the King, on their application, allowed the Lord Chancellor to send cases directly to the common law courts, to avoid the common law judges having to waste time travelling.
He was removed from his post in 1341 and Hama was formally placed under Mamluk rule.
She was the daughter and successor of Marco Sanudo, Lord of Milos from 1341 to 1376.
Frederick III ( or IV ) ( 1 September 1341 – 27 January 1377 ), called the Simple, was King of Sicily from 1355 to 1377.
The Breton War of Succession was fought from 1341 to 1364 between the House of Blois and the House of Montfort.
Leo ( or Leon ) IV ( also numbered Leo V ;, Levon IV ) ( 1309 – 28 August 1341 ) was the last Hethumid king of Cilicia, ruling from 1320 until his death.
The major difference arises from the question of whether Henry ( 1394 – 1455 ) was 1st as a new creation or 2nd as a restoration of the rights of his grandfather, Henry ( 1341 – 1408 )
The Lords of Sanneck Castle were elevated to comital status by Emperor Louis IV in 1341 at Munich, and received the title Cylie or Cilli derived from name of the Celje Castle in Lower Styria.
* Frederick I ( c. 1300-1359 / 60 ), son, from 1341 Count of Celje
* John V Palaiologos ( 1332 – 1391 ), Byzantine Emperor from 1341
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