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disciples and even
The " angel " reading found an echo among the ancient Fathers of the Church and ecclesiastical writers, and even gave rise to the " strangest fancies ", especially among the disciples of Origen of Alexandria.
In the words of his friend and colleague Georg Henrik von Wright: " He was of the opinion ... that his ideas were generally misunderstood and distorted even by those who professed to be his disciples.
On several occasions the disciples call Jesus the Son of God and even the Jews scornfully remind Jesus during his crucifixion of his claim to be the Son of God.
The Social Darwinists ' view is derived from Charles Darwin's interpretation of evolution by natural selection, which is explicitly competitive (" survival of the fittest "), Malthusian (" struggle for existence "), even gladiatorial (" red in tooth and claw "), and permeated by the Victorian laissez-faire ethos of Darwin and his disciples ( such as T. H. Huxley and Herbert Spencer ).
In the early Church the baptized were kissed by the celebrant after the ceremony, and its use was even extended as a salute to saints and religious heroes, with Crawley adding, " Thus Joseph kissed Jacob, and his disciples kissed Paul.
Henry Wansbrough writes: " Mark is highly, even shockingly, critical of the disciples ' lack of faith and understanding ; Matthew and Luke both weaken this criticism, in a way that might be expected to have occurred at a time when reverence for the first leaders of Christianity was increasing.
He met several poets who called themselves his disciples and wanted his advice ; he told them to disregard the contemporary Edo style and even his own Shriveled Chestnuts, saying it contained " many verses that are not worth discussing ".
Against this tendency Nahmanides strove, and went to the other extreme, not even allowing the utterances of the immediate disciples of the Geonim to be questioned.
The Lotus Sutra ’ s phrase “ Thus I heard ” of disciples recording their mentor ’ s teachings even after he passed away, is regarded in SGI as the foundation of the concept of the bond leading to transfer of teachings :” The Lotus Sutra is an embodiment of the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple ”, and: “ The Lotus Sutra calls out for mentor and disciple to work together ”.
Nevertheless, this book is by far the most quoted by current disciples of Gurdjieff as they attempt to teach his system to new students, and Mr. Gurdjieff himself even had some of his students read parts of the book as part of their studies.
Yifa points out that arguments from silence are often less than conclusive, e. g. the lack of references to a compilation of a set of monastic codes by contemporaries or even by disciples does not mean that it never existed.
He also took money for his teaching, the first of Socrates ' disciples to do so and even told Socrates that he resided in a foreign land in order to escape the trouble of involving himself in the politics of his native city.
Rebbe Nachman did speak to his disciples about the principle of tikkun ( rectification of souls ), and even suggested that he was capable of rectifying souls.
Our Master took in many disciples, but he didn't take a single cent from us, and even slept on the floor together with us.
The help that Maiorescu gave to the writers from the circle of Junimea and to his disciples and even to his adversary, Dobrogeanu-Gherea, in an important moment of his life, unfolded a man of great and at the same time discreet generosity.
In the very same year in which the first Royal Commission of 1784 gave its discussed verdict, one of Mesmer's most faithful disciples discovered new phenomena which was even more mysterious and brought new increased attention on animal magnetism.
Oldham et al ( in " The Missionary Motive ") assert that even the very concept did not exist until after the year 1650, and that Matthew 28: 18 – 20 was traditionally interpreted instead as having been addressed only to Jesus's disciples then living ( believed to be up to 500 ), and as having been carried out by them and fulfilled, not as a continuing obligation upon subsequent generations.
All particulars about his life are unknown, and were so even in the time of Dionysius, since Hermippus, who had written an account of the disciples of Isocrates, did not mention Isaeus at all.
The poem, written from the viewpoint of a Roman centurion, graphically describes him having sex with Jesus after his crucifixion, and also claims that Jesus had had sex with numerous disciples, guards, and even Pontius Pilate.
The Buddha retorted that he did not even let his trusted disciples Sāriputta or Moggallāna run the Sangha, much less one like him, who should be vomited like spittle, and he gave a special act of publicity about him, warning the monks that he had changed for the worse.
He exacted complete surrender from his disciples, even the surrender of moral judgment.
" The Carmelite Order ( O. Carm ) states on their website that even if the apparition is not historical, " the scapular itself has remained for all Carmelites a sign of Mary's motherly protection and as a personal commitment to follow Jesus in the footsteps of his Mother, the perfect model of all his disciples.
Gasan is considered to be a dharma heir of Hakuin, though " he did not belong to the close circle of disciples and was probably not even one of Hakuin's dharma heirs ".
In the Gospel of Mark, after passing through Sidon Jesus enters the region of the Decapolis, a group of ten cities south east of Galilee, where the Healing the deaf mute miracle is reported in Mark 7: 31-37, where after the healing, the disciples say: " He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.

disciples and though
Even though the Ji family had practices that Confucius disagreed and disapproved, they nonetheless gave Confucius ' disciples many opportunities for employment.
The whole, however, may be judged from this fragment: " We Irish, though dwelling at the far ends of the earth, are all disciples of St. Peter and St. Paul ... we are bound to the Chair of Peter, and although Rome is great and renowned, through that Chair alone is she looked on as great and illustrious among us ... On account of the two Apostles of Christ, you pope are almost celestial, and Rome is the head of the whole world, and of the Churches ".
There are also parallels ( though no direct connection ) between the easter egg tradition and the celebration of Passover in Judaism, notable because in Christian tradition, Christ was celebrating Passover with his disciples on the evening before Good Friday.
" At this time, one of those disciples happened to be the current English ambassador, though his initiation into Jahangir's inner circle of disciples was devoid of religious significance for Roe, as he did not understand the full extent of what he was doing: Jahangir hung " a picture of him self set in gold hanging at a wire gold chain ” round Roe's neck.
Others have argued that the church is indeed built upon Jesus and faith, but also on the disciples as the roots and foundations of the church on the basis of Paul's teaching in Romans and Ephesians, though not primarily Peter.
( Ref Opus cit Butler ) A certain Proclus ( or Proculus ), who had confessed the faith before the prosecutors and underwent torments in defence of it, subsequently was seduced into heresy by Asclepiodotus and Theodotus the banker, both disciples of Theodotus the Tanner, whom Victor, Zephyrinus's predecessor in the Chair of Peter, had excommunicated for reviving the heresy of Ebion that affirmed that Christ was only a mere man, though a prophet.
The experiments of Redi on the hatching of insects from eggs, which were published at Florence in 1668, first brought discredit upon this doctrine, though it had always a few eminent disciples.
In 1548 appeared the Art poétique of Thomas Sébillet, who enunciated many of the ideas that Ronsard and his followers had at heart, though with essential differences in the point of view, since he held up as models Clément Marot and his disciples.
What became of the grave clothes after the disciples have seen them is not described in the Bible, though some works of the New Testament apocrypha do make mention of it.
As a result, most of these numbers are now lost for ever, though some two dozen or so survive because friends and disciples transcribed them.
Ramakrishna acknowledged the left-hand tantric path, though it had " undesirable features ", as one of the " valid roads to God-realization ", he consistently cautioned his devotees and disciples against associating with it.
In Shingon services, lay followers recite a devotional mantra to each figure, though in Shingon practice, disciples will typically devote themselves to only one, depending on what the teacher assigns.
Neither did he have any share, as was wrongly ascribed to him, in the First Council of Ephesus of 431, though, in consequence of disputes which arose in Armenia between the followers of Nestorius and the disciples of Acathius of Melitene and Rabbula, Isaac and his church did appeal to Constantinople and through Saint Proclus obtained the desired explanations.
When Brodie Innes sent on a sermon by E. B. Pusey, Darwin responded that he could " hardly see how religion & science can be kept as distinct as he desires, as geology has to treat of the history of the Earth & Biology that of man .— But I most wholly agree with you that there is no reason why the disciples of either school should attack each other with bitterness, though each upholding strictly their beliefs.
His eye was fascinated in turn by the sheen of jewelry and stained glass ; and, though he soon left Toorenvliet for the workshops of Gerard Dou and Abraham van den Tempel, he acquired the Leiden fijnschilder manner over the Amsterdam finish of the disciples of Rembrandt.
Even though he did not write books, he succeeded in gaining powerful disciples to his teachings that were based on the earlier expositions of Rabbi Isaac Luria ( 1534 – 1572 ) known as the Ari who had based much of his Kabbalistic teachings on the Zohar.
Gasan is considered to be a dharma heir of Hakuin, though " he did not belong to the close circle of disciples and was probably not even one of Hakuin's dharma heirs ".
The term may also refer to any incorporeal or immaterial being, such as demons or deities, in Christianity specifically the Holy Spirit ( though with a capital " S ") experienced by the disciples at Pentecost.
Henry Charles Lea, in his A History of the Inquisition in Spain, mentions, among the more extravagant alumbrados, a priest from Seville named Fernando Méndez, who had acquired a special reputation for sanctity: " he taught his disciples to invoke his intercession, as though he were already a saint in heaven ; fragments of his garments were treasured as relics ; he gathered a congregation of beatas and, after mass in his oratory, they would strip off their garments and dance with indecent vigor — drunk with the love of God — and, on some of his female penitents, he would impose the penance of lifting their skirts and exposing themselves before him.
" Even disciples of Arius, such as George, Bishop of Laodicea ( 335-47 ) and Eustathius of Sebaste ( c. 356-80 ), joined the moderate party, and after the death of Eusebius of Nicomedia, the leaders of the count faction, Ursacius, Valens and Germinius, were not tied to any formula, for Emperor Constantius II himself hated Arianism, though he disliked Athanasius yet more.
The following New Testament women, though not called " disciples " in scripture, were closely identified with either Jesus or his apostles.
However, one of his most well-known and influential disciples though was Sa'd al-Din Hamuwayi.

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